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If you are reading this article. I am pretty sure, you are a happy wheels fan and want to know more about this free happy wheels unblocked full version online game. Don’t worry, you are at right place.

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Today, we’ll discuss some of the cool tips and tricks of the game that you can use to make this game more fun and smooth. But before I dive into these tips, I would like to take you to journey of this amazing game.

I have seen people have a lot of confusion when it comes to Happy Wheels Game. It includes what are different happy wheels games are available for PC, android and iOS. How to get the Happy Wheels unblocked full version free, what are the different characters and different levels of the game and many more questions like that…….

So, We are first going to cover below mentioned points about the game and then we would jump to final tips & tricks agenda.

  • Different Versions of the Game
  • Happy Wheels Demo Vs Happy Wheels Full Version
  • Unblocked | Hacked Happy Wheels Game
  • How to Download the game

Different Versions of the Game

There are a lot people asking questions about different versions of the game available online. Apart from different versions of the game, people are also confused about what are the different platforms, game is actually supported.

So, let me tell you, game is only available in two platform, one is free online PC Version and another one is iOS version that you can play. There is no android version of the  game available till now. You can bookmark our website (Ctrl+D) and keep checking once in a week. We would update here, once the android version of the game is out.

By the way if you are having an iPhone or iPad, You can visit the iTunes and download the official game. So, this was all about the supported platforms, let’s jump directly into happy wheels different updated versions.

Happy Wheels 1: This was the first version of the game launched by happy wheels in 2010. The game was only available for browser at the starting. you can stay play the full version of the game by visiting totaljerkface official website. After the launch of the game, the game got very popular because of its violent graphics.

Happy Wheels 2: Later on game got updated, new characters and levels were introduced that made game more fun. If you are this game fan, you are surely going to love this updated happy wheels 2 version as well. Players can control a selection of various, unique characters.

The goal in the game is to reach finish line. You have to activate a trigger to get the victory. In the game, try to collect a required amount of tokens while avoiding being splattered across the level by many hazards and obstacles.

Happy Wheels 3: Are you ready for spoiler? There is no such game as “happy wheels 3“. Only two versions of the game available. So, there is no point of searching for this third version of the game. So, I would suggest you to stop searching for this version and enjoy available two versions of the game. If you have doubt and information about this version, please let us know in the comments below, it would help our thousands of monthly readers.

Happy Wheels 4: Same case is with this version of the game, there is no such a “happy wheels 4“. There are many fake websites that might be claiming to have this version. But believe me, they all are liars. So stop wasting your time for this version of the game as well. If you have any information about this version, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.

Hardest Happy Wheels Level Ever: Watch till End

Happy Wheels Demo Vs Happy Wheels Full Version

In true sense, they are only two versions of the game available. If you want to play the happy wheels full version, then there is only one website where you can find the full version of the game that is “Totaljerkface”. But, when it comes to the demo version of the game, there are many websites that you can hop in.

The full version of Happy Wheels can only be played on Bonacci’s original website, as games is licensed by the company whereas the demo versions of the game are licensed to other websites as well. In demo versions of the game, you would only find featured maps and select characters.

But in full version, you can get access to a lot more characters and levels. There are approximately 5 million user generated levels. The total count of level plays is over 8 billion.

Hacked | Unblocked Happy Wheels Game

People are looking interested in unblocked version of the game as well. If you are a school kid and many of the gaming website is banned. I would rather suggest not to play this violent game. But if you are 17+ and game is blocked is your office. Then you can give a try. Game is available in unblocked 66, 77 and vevo websites.

But, you won’t be able to play happy wheels full version game in unblocked sites, you can only play demo. Check this link to play unblocked version of the game. You can know more about unblocked games here.

How to Download the Game

You can only download the game for iOS Version. Otherwise, you can play it online free on your computer. You can directly go to official website to enjoy the game, or you can download the game from here as well.

“Top 5 Tips & Tricks about Happy Wheels”

So, Here we’ll cover some of the lesser known about this game that can make it more interesting, adventurous and smooth as well. Keep in mind, these are the tricks tried by individual gamers, there is no guarantee where these tricks will work, but surely, you can give it a try. And Don’t forget to let us know in the comments what’s your take on these tricks, if you know any new trick about happy wheels unblocked full version, you are most welcome to share as well.

  • Slow and Steady wins the race, Happy wheels works on the same philosophy. If you rush in the game, you’ll die soon. You should know where to jump and where to pause if you really want to win the levels.
  •  Use the level, by using this, you would be able to play the game at your disposal and comfort. And You can also play games with other unlocked characters as well.
  • You need to follow direction properly, you can’t keep on jumping anywhere, you should be able to anticipate what’s coming next.
  • This one trick I like in particular, you are playing “It keeps happening” level with pogo stick boy character. You don’t have to go through the whole level, you can directly jump to the victory point from end point directly and complete the level in few seconds.
  • In the happy wheels game, if homing is touching your knee and below, you won’t be blown up. If any sharp weapon is stabbed in your neck or above, you’ll suddenly die.

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