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If you are reading this article, I am pretty sure, you are using Sarahah app and someone has sent you the message and you are curious to know who that guy or girl is… Right?

So, Today you are at right place and we’ll discuss everything you need to know about this app, starting from history, founders, what’s people talking about the app, how you can hack it and much more.

I hope you are pretty excited and want to know everything about this app. So without wasting any time, let’s dive directly into the “Sarahah App’.


As, Sarahah App is trending now a day on iTunes and google play store. People have started asking questions, what this app actually and what is so special about it. The fun thing about this app, even being the secret messaging app, it talks about the honesty first.

With the help of this app, you can send anonymous messages to one another. The app got released in June and since then it has soared to the popularity. It got popularity in apple store in the starting and topped the chart in many countries in iTunes.

Till now, App has 10 million monthly active users that are using is to send their secret messages to their friends, enemies & frenemies.

The real marketing strategy that is being used by the company that the app is designed to give the honest feed back to the people in your circle without revealing your identity but to be honest, that to me is a complete bullshit. Nobody is actually going to use this app only for so called “honest feedback”.

Actually the meaning of the Sarahah app is honesty or ‘Candour’ in Arabic. The history of app is actually bit interesting, the app actually was made to be used as a feedback tool in a workplace but it took off when teens started using on Snapchat.


Sarahah App was launched by Saudi Arabian Developer named ZainAlabdin Tawfiq. According to him, the sole motto of the app was to share your honest opinions about someone without revealing actually who you are. You can do it with your friends and family whosoever have installed the app.

He further added, the app can help an individual to discover their strengths and weaknesses where they need to improve.

Earlier app was confined to only his office where employees used to give feedbacks to the other peers and managers privately. According to Zain Alabdin, he never expected that app would become so popular one day. In an interview he told, that the app’s only intention to give a feedback to motivate people but people might also start using it in a wrong. It really a matter of concern according to him.

After the popularity of the app, a lot of modifications have been seen that are making it more advanced and user friendly to give a better experience.

Recently they have added like button to the app. If you receive a message from someone and you like what they said, you can simply save as favourite by giving it a like.

As, we talked the motto of the Sarahah is to help peers to know what others think about them, so that they can improve at workplace. Where outside workplace, when it comes to talking to friends or relatives secretly, you can simply share your feeling about them.

I don’t know what outcome is going to be. But it surely going to very interesting to get to know who actually sent you the message and much more. It certainly breaks the conventional way of communication that we use in our day to day life. We talk directly to whom we talking to. But, here things became interesting because you are indirectly talking to someone.

It’s been only two months, since the app got launched and it topped iTunes store in more than 25 countries.


Now, you might ask the question, what’s the connection between Sarahah and Snapchat?

These apps are having a kind of relationship like Peanut butter and jelly. LOL. After topping the chart on apple store, teens have started using this app and linking with Snapchat.

Snapchat new feature of adding links to their snap really plays an important role in the duo connection. This anonymous messaging app is having pretty simple user-interface where you add your username, display name and a profile pic. Then you have a comment box where you are supposed to get constructive messages from others.

To link your Sarahah to Snapchat, you leave your Sarahah app link in Snapchat stories, so that all the people who are in your Snapchat contact lists can send you a message. You can also share your comment box screenshot to Instagram as well.


It is a very simple to use app. Follow the below steps and get to know how to use this app at its full potential.

  • You can download the app from the play store depending on which smartphone you are using. You can download the android version from here and iOS version from here.
  • Once the app is downloaded, you can simply setup your account and start receiving the messages.
  • You must share your profile with the people from whom you want to get anonymous messages. You can do it by sharing it on social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
  • You can also search the people from look up option on the app (whosoever installed the app) and send them the secret message.
  • Every time, a new message comes it would appear on the feed which you can make favorite, delete and forward it to someone else. Sender of the message won’t be alerted about the action you took on the message.

There are few recently added features in Sarahah App that you need to know if you are a user.

  • Like Button: Now, you can like a message and set it to the favorite section.
  • Forward Messages: You can directly forward the message to other on the app itself and WhatsApp also.
  • Block the Abusive User: If you receive some offensive comments and want to block that user, you can also do the same.


When it comes to app reviews, it has got mixed reviews. Many parents are saying they would never let their children use this app as they can be bullied.

On the play store, one user’s mother wrote that, “Parents, don’t allow your kids to get this app. This is an app breeding suicides.”

Few days after the app got launched it was having only two stars. But now after two months it has increased to three. There are also some good comments on the other side as well where people are saying. “This app has changed my life. I have found a husband and now I have 5 kids.” It’s very difficult to decide the comment’s legitimacy.

This message from a mother really shook me up who said her son a message that “he should be lynched…” I don’t know what to say. If you have any opinion about the app that you want to share. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below. Your honest opinion would much appreciated from our side.


There are many apps available on the internet that will allow its users to do anonymous messaging. Some of them would allow to reply these anonymous messages where as others would give you reveal this anonymous messaging mystery. Below are the top three that you can try as well.

  • Yik Yak
  • FormSpring


Now let’s talk about the main purpose for what you are here. I think every Sarahah user at one point searches for is there any hack for sarahah to get to know who actually sent you the message.

There are no legit ways to get to know sender’s details but still there are some secret tips that are buzzing around. There is one thing that is simple and you can give it a try that once you receive the message and you are comfortable with revealing it. Then share the screenshot to the people who know your sarahah id. Then probably, you might see a unusual reaction from the person who has actually sent you the message.

You can give it a try, it might work for those people who are good enough in guessing and reading people. Apart from these, there are several websites that claim to reveal the sender’s details if you follow the step by step process.

Many websites are getting viral on YouTube where they are asking you to enter your sarahah user name. Then they would ask you to what details of sender you want to reveal like email ID, Facebook ID, or username. Then once you click the button, there would be a page opening asking for human verification.

To verify your humanity, you need to download some games and play atleast for 30mins. Once you are done, you would see that beside the sender comment, the email ID and user name is revealed. Some of these sarahah hack websites are mentioned below.


Many people are saying, these tricks are not working for them. If you are one of them, we would send you the some secret techniques that very few people in our community know. We don’t reveal these hacking publicly as hacking these official app is not legal.

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