Download Everest VR Game | PC | HTC Vive | PS4 | Xbox One

Download Everest VR Game | PC | HTC Vive | PS4 | Xbox One: HTC Vive, the giant in VR world, is here with another master piece – the everest vr . Many sites as well as many players across the world don’t really consider it a game as such. It’s more of an vr experience, although, with a touch of gaming. Since it’s from the house of HTC Vive, I am sure you guys are eager to play it! So, if you wanna know more about ps4 HTC Vive vr game or Xbox vr game then stay on this page and read further.

 Everest VR Game | PC | HTC Vive | PS4 | Xbox One

Over a short period of time, virtual reality world has gained momentum. There are hundreds of PS4 vr games that are winning game lover’s hearts. And the Everest game download is no exception. This Virtual reality VR Game is popular among all the adventure lovers. Everest is basically a first person game that is developed exclusively for HTC Vive and later for PS4 and PlayStation virtual reality headset. This 1.5 to 2 hour HTC Vive Steam VR Ps4 game gives you a full-blown experience of the scenes in Mount Everest.

Free Download Everest VR Game for PC

So, if you are also excited to play Everest virtual reality game. Then, I will walk you through its main features and aspects of the game which include The Everest game release date, price of the VR Everest game, gameplay of Everest and much more.

The Everest VR Game Release date

One of the most awaited and best htc vive games. The release date of HTC Vive Everest is approaching near. Everest vr release is on 2nd August 2016. Once I get my hands on this game, I will definitely share the virtual reality experience with you. In case if you have extra cash right now and can also pre-order them from You can also avail some discount from

The Everest Virtual Reality Gameplay

The Everest game is very immersive HTC Vive virtual reality game. Simply put on your HTC Vive vr headset and get ready to take an expedition on the Everest peak. The game is a single player vr game. Some interesting features of the story is given below:

  •  Experience Everest virtual reality in 5 unforgettable scenes. Prepare yourself for an expedition at the Basecamp. Then travel through the amazing Khumbu Icefalls, halt at Camp 4 and then ascend the Hillary Step. Finally conquer summit of Everest.
  • After you complete the 1st summit attempt,go to the next level by unlocking GOD mode and reach a vantage point (Himalayas). This is possible only in VR.
  • Supported by Unreal Engine, The Everest vr game pushes the envelope. It goes one step further into real-time graphics.

EVEREST VR Game System PC Requirement Requirements

CPU: Intel® i7-4790 or greater
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows 10
Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce® GTX 1060 or greater
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Free Disk Space: 11 GB

How to Enjoy The Everest vr game in PC | laptop | Xbox one

So if you are PS4 owner, you can buy the game from and start playing right away! But if you don’t have a HTC Vive Headset and still want to enjoy the Everest vr game, you might not know what to do. So if you want to play Everest xbox one, you can also enjoy the game.

For more information about The Everest Xbox one, better go to Xbox One official websites and find latest updates.

There are exceptions and people wanna play this vr game in laptop. So, get the full cracked version of Everest game. You can find this on several torrent links, have fun with playing the Everest game in PC.

To Enjoy the Game in PC. Follow these Steps……

The Everest game Review

The crowd of game players are going mad over this vr game. This is highly immersive virtual reality and Game Stop shows us a green signal on its graphics and other vr aspects. Therefore, if you haven’t really played the game till now, then it’s time to download Everest vr game. Download the free vr game downloads and enjoy this amazing expedition vr game.

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