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Top 3 Virtual Reality goggles: Pros and Cons – If You just googled top 3 vr goggles, top vr goggles,  Best VR goggles or Top virtual reality headsets then you are at right web page. If you have googled something else, then you are bumped into completely wrong place. You can leave right now.

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So If you are at the right post, So let me share you my story how I found top 3 VR Headsets.   

Yesterday, I visited my neighbor’s house who works in Facebook as a marketing strategist. I had to keep on ringing his door bell for 15mins because Mr Strategist was completely engrossed in playing lucky’s game in VR. As soon as he opened the door, he blurted out, ” you have come at very right time, let’s play this game”. I was like, what the hell, why is he behaving like a kid.

When I reached to his drawing room, there was a shelf in which dozens of VR Headsets were perfectly showcased. I stood there for a moment and my thoughts started to stray in all the directions, what is he doing with these many VR Headsets? Is he a VR headset collector?… Let me show you his VR Headsets collection..

Virtual Reality goggles

This is my VR Headset collector friend. He has bought almost all the VR headsets available in the market. I never knew that before that he was having so many VR headsets. We played lucky’s game for a while then we had a chat about his favourite VR headsets that actually laid the foundation of this article.

Today we would be discussing best virtual reality Headsets available in the market keeping all their important aspect into consideration. To be honest I don’t want to rant about all obscure features of VR Headsets, rather I would love to focus from two perspective, why should you buy this VR Headset and Why should not. So that next time while searching VR headsets on Amazon, you better keep these points into mind.

To Enjoy Virtual Reality Goggles. Follow these Steps…..

Oculus Rift(#1 Virtual Reality Goggle)

Virtual Reality goggles

   Things You should Know before buying an Oculus Rift VR Goggle


  •  So if you are an early adopter of technology, so what are you waiting for. Go and grab it, because Oculus Rift is the best VR Headset available in the market providing you the real genuine virtual reality experience.
  • If you are a gaming freak then It has solid ecosystem of VR apps and games. Oculus Rift DK2 curently has a 5.7in display with 24-bit colour depth, generating a 1080p across both eyes.


  • This VR Technology is still in fledgling condition that’s why price is at its peak, so you can wait for some time and buy it at affordable rates once the price goes down. And There is also a huge room of improvement in VR Industry, So patient is the key of better and cheaper Oculus Rift. Rest depends on your wish.
  • Price of Oculus Specs is around staggering $600. Then It has some other hardware requirement to run it properly. The first and foremost thing is the pc that needs powerful graphics card, three 3.0 USB ports, second HDMI Port and 8GB Ram that itself would cost more than thousand dollars. So be ready to burn your pocket because full-fledged VR Headset would cost around $1600.
  • Glass Wearer have to face slight discomfort, motion controller is still not available in the market. You should also be ready for motion sickness once you are fully immersed in virtual reality.

 HTC VIVE (#2 Virtual Reality Goggle)

Virtual Reality goggles

Things You should know before buying a HTC Vive VR Goggle


  • It’s also providing incomparable experience like oculus rift. You just can’t quantify the level of entertainment the HTC Vive delivers.
  • The Rift was released with about 30 games and a few apps. HTC said the Vive was released with about 50 games. The companies will regularly update their libraries with new apps and games.
  • HTC Vive headset comes with motion controllers, which let you effectively reach out and grab objects in virtual reality.


  • It costs around $799 that is even more than Oculus Rift Specs price. So It might not fit to your pocket if your top most priority is affordable price.
  • It has got a long bulky Cable that may cause potential tripping hazards. And Design is also little bit hard on back and neck.
  • Setup is more demanding than the Rift’s. HTC recommends that you drill mounts into the ceiling to install the motion-sensing base stations to ensure that the sensors have a clear line of sight with the headset and your body. That means you actually need a full dedicated room for Vive.

Samsung Gear VR (#3 Virtual Reality Goggle)

Virtual Reality goggles

Things You should know before buying a Samsung Gear VR Goggle


  • If You don’t want to spend too much on VR Headsets. So Samsung Gear VR is for u, the best VR Headset in the market below $100.
  • Samsung Gear VR is completely wireless and provides a better head movement tracking that gives you better experience of virtual reality.
  • The 2,560 x 1,440-pixel, 5.7-inch OLED display image quality is great. Touch pad and Focal Adjustment also works smoothly.


  • If You are a gaming freak then it’s not for you. You might not find the rich gaming content here that you can find in rift and vive.
  • Resolution of Samsung Gear VR is bit disappointing when it is compared to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
  • In order to enjoy Gear VR, which can only be utilised with high-end smartphones of Samsung. This is typically one of the major limitations of this device.

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