Nowadays, It seems to me that Every Electronic Company has started making VR Headsets. If you go to amazon you would find the n numbers of variety. And Every VR Headset is self advocating that they are the best in the market. In case of PC VR Headsets Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are still ruling. But when Its come to Mobile VR Headset below $100, there is a lot of options.

Before writing this article I was rigorously going through all the available VR Headsets in the market below $100. Some were really of very cheap quality nothing more than a plastic box. I was really taken aback but also on the other hand I came across many good VR Headsets that gave me some relief.

Let me stop this ranting, to be honest I still believe after my deep research, Samsung Gear VR is still best in the market when it comes to below $100 price tag. There are following features that make Samsung Gear VR stand out of the crowd and gives you 10 reasons why you should own a one.

samsung gear vr


1- Best Technology: Samsung Gear VR is powered with Oculus. And Oculus is the company that revolutionised the virtual reality. So you can expect the best quality available in the market in just $100.

2- Rich Content: If you are not a gaming freak and only looking for vr video content then it could be a good choice because it lags in gaming content but provides solid video content library.

3- No Extra Penny: If You own a samsung phone then you don’t need to pay extra penny to get it in running. No further accessories are required grab a Gear VR and get ready to be lost into the world of virtual reality.

4- Movement Tracking: Inbuilt Gyroscope and accelerometer are synchronised perfectly that provides great head movement tracking and gives you better VR Experience.

5- No Tripping: It’s completely wireless that solves the problem of tripping hazards. Its design is sleek, made up of plastic so light weight too. And Straps provide you better adjustment.

6- Detachable Port: You would get the micro sd card with pre-loaded VR Content. And USB Port can also be switched out.

7- Touchpad and Focal adjustment: Navigational touchpad and focal adjustment dial also works smoothly. It helps you navigate inside the Virtual World.

8- Picture Quality: The 2,560 x 1,440-pixel, 5.7-inch OLED display provides a sufficiently rich image. Married with that is a Snapdragon 805 processor, together making for a respectable VR experience.

9- Future is Bright: As Samsung Gear VR is partnered with oculus. Developers are actually in hoard to create new apps and games. In the future you will get very wide variety of content like 360 Videos that will blow your mind.

10- My Reason:  In My joint family I have around 5 VR Headsets and Everyone enjoys it. My Nephew is actually in love with Samsung Gear VR and Me too.

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