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If you are reading this article, I am pretty sure about two things. You are an Indian and a huge fan of Motu Patlu as well… Right?

Today we’ll discuss everything you need to know about motu patlu games. It would what are the best videos of motu patlu, best fighting games, best racing games and much more. So, before we start talking about what are the best racing games that you can play? Firstly let’s discuss about what is Motu and Patlu actually is? And why people are talking about them.

Motu Patlu is basically an animation series that got started in India. Since then, it’s popularity has grown. People not just in India, but around the world talking about these games and really loving them. This animation series is actually aired specially in two channels. First one is Nickelodeon and another one is Vasantham. Production Company behind the series is Cosmos-Maya.

It is said the motu patlu series was somewhere inspired by comic characters like lot pot. First time on TV, Motu patlu got launched in 2012. It’s been more than five years since and they had a long journey that made people tickle and laugh. The name of the first episode was “John bnega Don”. Motu and patlu are very good friends and they live in a city called “Furfuri”.

The director of this cartoon series is Suhas Kadav whereas music is composed by Mr. Sandesh Shandilya. When it comes to production, Deepa Sahi and Anish JS Mehta take care everything. The most popular song of the series ‘Motu Aur Patlu Ki Jodi” is sung by Sukhwinder Singh.


There are many characters in this cartoon series that appear in different episodes. But, here would discuss top 3 characters of motu patlu that is loved by everyone.

Motu: This is the character that is loved by everyone, even just seeing him makes you smile. Motu is the main character who is fat and walks like an old man. According to him, if he eats samosa, it provides him power. He many a times brings trouble because of his dumb actions.

Patlu: Patlu is completely contrast to motu. He is thin and slim and uses his mind before taking any action. He is actually smartest person in Furfuri nagar. Every time, motu creates some problem, patlu will always be there to help. When it comes to habits of patlu, there are also completely opposite to patlu.

Patlu loves to read newspaper instead of eating samosas. He wears a yellow kurta and orange paijama, big brown glasses, and leather shoes.

Chingum: Chingum is a police office in furfuri nagar. He thinks he is superman and no criminal can escape from him. On the contrary, every time a criminal escapes from him and he needs help of motu patlu to catch them. Chingum rides his green bike and accompanied by Hera and Pheri.

Now we have discussed almost everything about motu and patlu, this is the time I am going to discuss for what you are here. There are many games available online that you can play from your pc directly. Most of these games are completely free.

If you want to play the games on your smart phones, you can download the games from iTunes and Google play store. Most of these games are dubbed in hindi, you really going to like the background voices of motu shouting chingum getting annoyed.

I have seen people are mainly interested in two kinds of games one is motu patlu fighting games, where as some other are looking for motu patlu car race games. I personally love the running games in which police officer chasing john. So, let’s discuss top 10 games in this cartoon series.

Let me know in the comments below, what do you feel about these games, what is that thing that make you smile. So, let’s dive into top 10 games of motu and patlu.

1- Motu Patlu Run Game: This is one of the most popular game in the series of motu patlu gaming. This game is mainly available in android version and has got good rating. The game is developed by Nazara Games.

You can do a lot of cool stuff in the game while running on the streets of fufuri nagar. You can use different bikes, increase your power and make the chase interesting. While running, you have to avoid the collision. You have to dodge the vehicles coming towards you.

On the way, don’t forget to collect the gold that will unlock the new adventurous stages of the game. I hope, you would love the game, download the game for your android phone from here.

2- Motu Patlu Kings of King Game: This is the second most popular game in the list of games. In this version of the game, you have to choose one player between which one you like. This game is not based in furfuri nagar, instead you have to pass through the whole jungle by taking the power ups.

On the way, you would meet Narshimha, keep in mind you can’t collide with him otherwise Game over. You can play the game from the official website of Nick India. Here is the link.

3- Motu Patlu Snow Board Challenge: This game is all about snowboarding, you have to use the mouse to keep motu in direction. You would face obstacles on the way that you have to avoid. If you hit any house or rock, the game would be over.

I have played this game many a times and I truly loved it, this is a kind of game that you must give a try if you are a fan of these comic characters. You can play the game directly from nick India official site. The link is already give above. After you play the game, don’t forget to share your gaming experience in the comments below.

4- Motu Patlu Selling Samosas: As we all know that motu is a huge fan of eating samosa, he strongly believes that it gives him strength and makes him physically and mentally strong.

This game is no racing or fighting game, instead you have to use your brain and math to give out exchange to the customers while selling samosas. This game is actually recently launched by nick India. I hope you would love this game. Keep the record of all the samosas you are selling, if you get fooled by customer or you do any mistake in calculation, game would be over.

5- Flying Motu: It is also an interesting game that you can play on your pc online free. The game is pretty simple and simply controlled by mouse clicks but still I feel stages are quite difficult to complete. It’s simple but takes a lot of practice to go through the space between to hanging rods that you would be facing as obstacles while flying.

33 is my score by the way, when I played the game. Let’s see how much score you achieve.

Kids surely going to love this game as the game is easy to play. You would be playing as motu in the game. You can’t change the different like characters other games. To complete all the stages, you have to click on the mouse that will levitate the free falling motu. If the motu hits top, bottom or those hanging rods, he’ll die. So, Best of luck with flying motu, I hope you are going to enjoy the game.

6- Motu Patlu Race: In this game, motu and patlu would be racing against each other and that makes this game more interesting where two good friends competing against each other. There are mainly six different levels that you’ll be playing in the game. Next stages would only be unblocked once you complete the previous stage. There are a lot different cool things you can do in the game, you can shoot the rockets, waves, use magic hourclass to run a head of your competitor.

You can collect stars that you can use against your enemies. Every stage would be having different location for racing that makes graphics really awesome and you love the scenery while running. As you keep on winning the races, new weapons and characters would be unblocked. You would also see the leaderboard at which position you are ranking.

7- Bounce: Wow, This game would make you jump all the time as the game name “Bounce” already depicts what this all about. You have to maintain the balance in the game without falling. You can control the characters just by hovering your mouse. All you have to do is use your mouse properly. At starting you might not be able to control the characters properly, but once you get hang of it. You would love this game.

Try to keep board at proper place and help motu and patlu to cross the jungle. If they fall and die, game would be over.

8- Bowling Champ: Bowling Champ game is also one of the flag ship game in motu patlu gaming series. This game is almost like a cricket game. The game is simple and that’s why I love it, because unlike other cricket games it doesn’t lag. This game is also launched by nick India company and I am sure that you will love this game as well.

In this game, you need to use your mouse and keyboard both. If you have played nick cricket academy game, it’s almost same like that. If you love cricket and bowling, you must give it a try. I hope you will surely enjoy the game.

In the game basically, you will be helping motu and patlu to become bowling champion by taking all the wickets. Once you open the game, you can choose bowling type with the help of mouse and then by using horizontal spin slider, you can set how much spin you want. You will get total 10 balls. More lives you save, more bonus you’ll achieve.

9- Chicken Game: Lol, This game is bit different from other because it includes chicken instead of motu patlu characters. Here, in this game you need to help chicken to cross the road. The game is so funny with it back ground chicken chirping voice. The game has a tag of old popular phrase. “why did chicken cross the road”. The game has got good graphics.

I have played the game. I think at the starting, the game is very simple, you can easily help chicken to cross the road, but it becomes extremely difficult after fifth level. I wasted almost my whole day clearing that stage but I couldn’t.

In every stage, you would find four road lanes with a lot of traffic. You can use all the four arrow keys to give direction to the chicken. If you get hit by any vehicle by the road, chicken will die and game will over. I think every time you play the game from start you’ll get 5 chances to clear the stages.

In the game, you not only cross the road also chicken eat worms. In every level, you would the increment in number of worms that chicken needs to eat in order to complete the stage. So, I wish you best of luck, hoping that your chicken will cross the road.

10- Motu Patlu WWE Fight Game: This game is the best game, where Motu and Patlu have WWE fight in the ring. To my amazement, very few people actually know about this game.

This game is not available on play store or on nick India website. You can download this game from torrent. You would love this game, because here you would see fight among all the characters including chingum, john chor, number 1, number 2 and all other characters as well.

At last, only one would win the “Furfuri WWE Championship”. I am sure you gonna love this game, this is Desi Version of WWE Fight. This game supports all the platform like PC, android, and iOS.

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