Pharaoh’s Way

Whether you have an Android or iOS device, do not worry the game, ‘Pharaoh’s Way,’ can be downloaded on any. The game is already installed by many and now it is your chance to try it out. You can play all by yourself or invite your friends to play along making the fun almost double. The game has as many as 20 slots to offer you and new content is always coming up to keep the journey exciting and adventurous. The game is absolutely easy to play, you would understand it within minutes of having it installed on your device and you can start collecting credits for you and your team. In no time you would see yourself levelling up and seeing the expertise with which you would be facing challenges. So you can gear up for an amazing journey and be ready to grab all the rewards that fall in your path without missing any.

It includes cheats, codes, credit box, credit generator, unlimited free coins, and more. To have fun, don’t forget to install today.

Below listed are the specifications of the game. These would give you a quick peek into what the game entirely entails.

Pharaoh’s Way

Gaming Specifications

Size: 62 M

Installations: 10,000,000 or more

Content Rating: 12 or more

Support: Android 3 or more and iOS

Version: 8.0.3

Within app products: Rs. 64.90 to Rs. 6,490 per product

Interaction: Digital buys

Permissions needed: Phone, location, WiFi, Media, Storage, Contacts

Offered by: Funstage

Cost: Free

Mode: Online or Offline

No. of players: multiplayer

No. of slots: 20 slots available

Features: Fast Reel, Individual Reel, Auto Play

Win ways: 243 ways


The game is usually played online like the ones played on the electronic machines or even offline if you wish to play solo. The game gives you the exact environment as that of the slot machines. But whatever, the result you get in here does not guarantee you the same results when you are playing on the actual machine. Whoever plays the game should play it responsibly and in the happy game spirit. The graphics are so interesting and with a lot of animations involved which keeps the users captivated and provides an adventurous experience. The game can be downloaded free of cost and you can start playing. In no time you would notice yourself levelling up.

You win credits and you unlock new challenges and can also avail high bonuses. The game can be played on an Android device with version 3 or more and even on an iPhone or iPad. The game goes with you wherever you go. You do not have to worry about losing your progress that you have already achieved. You can just carry your phone and the game goes with you. However, the game requires a few permissions like any other game while the installation process is on which includes phone, media files, storage, contacts, location and WiFi majorly. Also, in case you get into a fix which is technical or you are unable to proceed in the game you can always reach out to the support staff who would be ready to help you with the process.

What is interesting?

The game provides a good number of slots for you to play and have the chance to unlock as many as 20 slots which includes 5 reels and 4 symbols, 3 reels and 3 symbols, 50 lines, 25 lines, 10 lines, adjacent symbols, and provides you with as many as 243 ways to win the game and the list goes on for you to try out these incredible options to see yourself on the top of the leaderboard. Along with which there is a new slot offered known as the Brave Defender. In addition to that, the game would never stop giving you surprises while you are up on the leaderboard or lying somewhere in the middle.

The game is designed with sheer professionalism which involves mathematics as well as creativity to set up some such games for the users so that they can have an enjoyable experience of their own. The game is not at all complex when it comes to usage. As soon as you start, you get the hang of it within a few minutes. In addition to that, there are a few features known as Fast Reel Stop, Individual Reel Stop, Auto play. You have the option to choose them and start off.


You all would agree to this, what is the point of playing if there are no rewards, right? Rewards are absolutely necessary as they keep you motivated to face new challenges and put in more effort to win the game. So here, as you go along with the journey, you keep unlocking different bonuses and the game gives you the exact look and feel of the machine game because of the presentation as well as the sound mechanism involved to keep the users excited and engaged. There are chances for you to win the double reward of what you had initially invested in the form of credits. Also, a little clue that there is a special gift that is waiting for you when you reach the level 830. Isn’t that exciting?


The users are highly kept engaged with the game for a good period of time but they must also understand that the game is entirely for the entertainment purpose and it does not involve any money exchanges or prizes or even services in the game. You play with the help of credits you earn like in any other game. It is the credits that you lose or win after your turn is over. Credits in the game are to be used to play the game itself and not for any other purposes. These are virtual units and are not backed by any actual amounts. The game also has a restriction on your age. The game is meant for adults and not children. So, if you fulfill that criteria just download it, begin your adventure and earn huge credits in the journey that you are about to unlock.

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