Initial Coin Offering (ICO) have rapidly become a multi-billion-dollar industry, with further growth predicted for years to come. More companies are using ICO instead of traditional funding avenues.

Competition is rising, also are the rules and regulations surrounding marketing an ICO. You need your token to stand out and be recognized by right people in the right manner.


Remember, you only have one chance for a great impression. We will help you achieve it with these tips for an effective ICO Marketing.

Quality based and productive tips surrounding marketing ICOs:

Keep the below rules in mind:

  • Do not lure a community, instead work on building a loyal base: Remember, quality is more important than quantity. Even if you have a few hundred loyal investors, it is better than a thousand bounty hunters and scam followers.
  • Broadcast the problem you want to solve more than reputation of your firm: Be original and be confident. Only conveying glittering words about your ambitions are not advisable.

You have to address pressing questions like how you will use the money you have raised. You have to answer what would trigger wide usage of your coin and its appreciation.

  • Be conservative with free tokens: You must be optimum when considering bounty campaigns. Spending liberally in such events will demote your effort in the long run.

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  1. Leveraging Email marketing

Facts about email marketing:

  • Email marketing is demanding, financial and for reputation of your firm.
  • Do not send unsolicited emails, instead send only to ones who have ‘opted in’.
  • Over a period build a good email list.
  • An in-house email marketing campaign costs less than taking professional help.
  1. Making your search engine optimization(SEO) work for you

Key SEO boosting tips are:

  • Design your website with well-researched keywords and content generation strategy.
  • Build quality, trust and authority of your website.
  • Consider mobile optimization also, since mobile is a widely used platform too.
  • Keep your website performance fast and healthy with no broken links.


  1. The importance of community and social media management
  • The crypto community is a vast and expanding forum that can be leveraged gainfully.
  • Getting the trust of the community is a priority.
  • Some free ICO marketing channels are:
    • Facebook groups: There are a number of groups on Facebook that regularly discuss blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO. Getting deep into such forums builds wide contacts and a broader reach.
    • Reddit: A high level of exposure can be achieved through the creation of subreddits or simply by commenting on existing threads.

Many crypto subreddits require a minimum account age and involvement, so be sure to become active well before you launch your ICO.

    • Telegram: This is a social media channel that should not be ignored. Telegram is very much the next generation of community building and messaging.

It has been warmly accepted by the crypto and blockchain communities.

    • Quora discussions: Quora is proving to be a valuable channel for coverage of ICOs. Regularly updated threads are a great place to gain exposure.
    • LinkedIn Groups: There are a number of LinkedIn groups with members running into the tens of thousands. Joining these groups and being active in them may help you connect to other industry leaders.
    • Youtube: A YouTube channel allows you to host promotional and informative videos about your ICO.
    • Instagram: This platform is not closely linked with the crypto community. However, if you have strong visual content or your ICO is geared towards a community that is active on Instagram, it can be valuable to have a presence here.
    • Specialized forums: Popular specialized forums are widely read by the crypto community and are a great source of exposure for your ICO.

Like Reddit, some of these forums have account age and activity requirements, hence it is important to build your presence in the community during the pre-launch phase.

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What we emphasize here is that carefree and lackluster effort to promote an ICO will end in disaster. You have to stay a step ahead of the deal and get your hands dirty with all happenings.

Remember, only you are benefitted from such an exercise, wherein your ICO wins and you gain valuable experience.

Were you part of an ICO market and launch? Did you play key role and gained much insight? You read this article and thought about responding. Great! Do write back.


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