Benefits of virtual reality

5 Benefits of Virtual Reality that Everyone must know: As we know Virtual Reality is growing very fast now a days. And It could be new revolution for this 21st century. There are a lot of speculation and anticipations about this very promising technology. After the acquisition of Oculus by facebook and several other big companies jumping in, made very clear that this VR technology is not a matter of past anymore.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality

As far as the benefits of virtual reality is concerned. There are a lot of possibilities. People around the world are trying to find out advantages of virtual reality in education, virtual reality in medical education, virtual reality medicines, virtual reality education software and much more.

Today you are also one of them, who are having the same confusions and curiosity of virtual reality technology, You are at right place. In this article we would be discussing all the possibilities of virtual reality which includes below given points.

  • Advantages of Virtual Reality in Education
  • Benefits of Virtual reality in Medical Industry
  • Benefits of Virtual Reality in Defense
  • Virtual Reality advancement in Gaming
  • Virtual Reality Immense Possibilities

Advantages of Virtual Reality in Education:

Benefits of virtual reality

Virtual reality has huge possibilities in education. It can make learning and understanding things more easier. People who has low IQ or Suffering from diseases that become a hurdle for them to learn things faster. For those students, Virtual reality is definitely going to be a boon.

  • Virtual Classrooms: Virtual E-learning classrooms can give students a first hand experience of the things that they learn. Students would be able to understand things at a deeper level. As we know audio-visual effects has far better impact on one’s mind then simply books. So, it seems VR Technology can certainly brings a lot of benefits of virtual reality in the classroom.
  • Learning is a Fun: Most important thing that I believe that learning experience would shift drastically and it won’t be confined to just boring classrooms. Students would be able to watch historical monuments, dive into the depth of oceans and much more. It would make learning experience more fun and Students are definitely going to love it.

Benefits of Virtual Reality in Medical Industry:

Benefits of virtual reality

When we talk about the applications of virtual reality in medical industry. There is a lot to talk about. There are a lot of medical procedures that needs perfection. So, to achieve the perfection, virtual reality is going to play its vital role.

  • Virtual Reality in Medical Training: When it comes to medical advancements, one needs to do lot of experiments to understand human body. So sometimes for the sake research, you can’t just put a human’s life on stake. So Once virtual reality comes into the picture, medical researchers would be able to perform their operations and surgeries in a virtual environment again and again. This would help them to get better training and get to know the things in better way.
  • Incurable Diseases: There are a lot of incurable diseases in this world that are costing us millions of deaths every year like Cancer and AIDS. Many experts have claimed that virtual reality is going to save us lot of time. And It might also helps us to cure these diseases and save millions of lives.

Benefits of Virtual Reality in Defense:

Benefits of virtual reality

Seeing the current scenario, lot of countries are into the war and being victimized by the ghost of terrorism. Many brave soldiers are sacrificing their lives to make this world a better and secure place. Below are the two important benefits of virtual reality in defense.

  • Virtual War Training/Rescue Mission: When a soldier goes he has no idea what he going to face. Or when he goes to a rescue operation, the unpredictable circumstances make it quite difficult to complete the mission. That puts soldiers or hostages’s lives on stake. But if these soldiers are already trained in same virtual environment. Soldiers would be able to fight terrorism in a better way. These training would save lives of many brave soldiers and will help to eradicate terrorism from this world.  Eg.  In aviation industry pilots are trained in simulated environment so that they don’t make mistakes in real life situations.
  • NASA Technological Advancements: NASA has used virtual reality many times to get satellite launching done or in other aspects of technology. These kinds of research costs hundreds of millions of dollar. So there is no margin for making any mistake. So Virtual Reality will help really going to create a safe controlled area for NASA whether it’s landing on a moon or a satellite launch at the earth peripheral. Nobody is very sure about its exact applications but still it holds a lot of promises for the visionaries.

Virtual Reality Advancements in Gaming:

Benefits of virtual reality

The real impact is actually now days can be easily seen in the gaming industry. The way gaming industry has gained pace with virtual reality is really appreciable. There are hundreds of virtual reality games in the market till now. And This gaming industry also creates space for other accessories as well like vr headsets, vr treadmills and much more.

These Virtual reality gaming a new milestones in VR Gaming experience. Now you don’t feel like that you are playing the game, instead you feel that you are actually inside the game. The immersion and simulation make it so real, that you never get tired playing games. There are many VR Apps available for your android as well as for your iphone. You can check out best VR Headsets for iphone here.

Virtual Reality Immense Possibilities:

Benefits of virtual reality

Scope of Virtual Reality is so wide that it would be quite naive to judge its real application before hand. Apart from benefits of virtual reality in medical and education. It will also give a push to artificial intelligence. AI is very crucial for technological as well as for human advancements. So, Let’s wait and watch how far we can go with this promising technology.

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