Downloading the impressive and the Prodigious apps from the Play Store are our daily routine where we peep into the hole of each one observing its eye catchy and the unusual features with a clear view. Tapping and scrolling down through the flickering features take us to a new world of possessiveness where from returning is not even allowed by our soul.


But imagine when someone asks to download an excellent app that can chill down your spine with hairs emerging out of the skin and for some reasons you are unable to accelerate on your path.

What will you do? You will be better looking for an alternative to make you feel that hooting experience and the search stops down the way when we encounter with Aptoide. So, here in this article, I will be giving you a detailed description of Aptoide that will undoubtedly divert your flickering mind from the Play Store. Today, in this article, we would discuss everything, you need to know about the app. Below are the important points that we are going to cover.

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You might find every app on the Google Play Store, but there are some whose direct installation is not allowed by Google, and you have to swim under many procedures to have its features on your device. You will be roaming here and there in the never-ending path of dark, but when you move deeper and deeper into the trail, you will be ultimately enlightened by this gorgeous App Store none other than Aptoide. What you don’t find in the Play Store, you can easily have a way through it without any authorization.


Knowing the background story of anything generates a keen desire in our mind to move further on the way where our research ends when we have the complete knowledge of it. The idea of developing this unique App Store does not confine to a particular source but have an endless number whose combined effects pave the way for its existence. Started as a research work in Linux installers in Mancoosi European Project and further moved as a proposal at 2009 Caixa Magica Summer Camp.

The track of creating a benchmark does not end here, and it continues to accelerate on its way by receiving funding from the Portugal and the German ventures successively in 2013 and 2015. Now, it has its massive space in Singapore from where its hand is reaching to every user of it.

Aptoide iOS | Aptoide Original | Aptoide Like | Aptoide Lite


Here is the list of the remarkable apps that have been on top of the list in Aptoide.

  1. MUSIC YOU: – Listening to music releases all our tensions and worries of the overpowering world and flies us high into the world of calm and silence. Here is this Prodigious app for you that will swim you across the shore of melodious and the musical tones.
  2. TOPDOX: – Though completing of any work is a difficult chore but managing the records of it is even more hazardous. So, here is this excellent app for you that will handle all your problems regarding the managing of the works.
  3. KUANTOKISTA: – Even though you have the new shopping sites offering you the greatest the mind-blowing offers, the prices of the same product is entirely different from the other sites. So, here is this app for you that compares the cost with the various shopping websites and then presents before you at a reasonable rate.
  4. MARK8: – You might have gone through the marvelous and the Prodigious anti-virus apps, but this app offers you is far more than appreciable and is itself capable of throttling down the others coming down the way.
  5. CINEMABOXHD: – With entirely different design from the other movie sites here is this excellent app for you that will fly you high into the world of your favorite movies and TV series.


Now, we shall move our talk to the Aptoide versions where we will encounter with the Prodigy versions of it.

  1. APTOIDE APK: – There are some games and apps that you not find free in Google Play Store and so peep for an alternative for it. Aptoide allows you to download any files from its store with the installation of that particular file’s apk on your device. Once you have finished the chore of downloading and installation, you can further accelerate on your way to a new horizon.
  2. APTOIDE iOS: – The same procedure does not fit for downloading the apps on iOS, and you have to go only for the iOS versions of the app on your Apple device.
  3. APTOIDE INSTALLER: – We all know the functionalities of an installer of allowing the various usage programs on the device. But there is no parental restriction in using it, so you may be flown down to a world that might be uncomfortable for you.
  4. APTOIDE LITE: – It allows you to transfer a tremendous amount of files by establishing a secure Internet connection.
  5. APTOIDE DOWNLOAD: – With this excellent version of Aptoide you are permitted to download any of the apps from the Aptoide Store, possessed with the glorious and the unusual features.
  6. APTOIDE APPS: – Flooded with the apps that can flow you to the shore of Prodigy and the mind-blowing features, is all waiting for your eyes.


There is not a single thing in this world that has been embedded with all the Prodigy and the unusual features of the world. The thought regarding its demerits is always in our mind, and therefore we look for the alternatives to it. Here are some of the options for Aptoide that will insist you to have a try of it.

  1. F-DROID: – When a developer uploads their apps on the App Store they do it without worrying about the compilation and the malicious programs looking for a big space in your device. F-Droid automatically scans the files before their installation on your smartphone.
  2. APPZUMA: – When talks about the games and the exciting apps come, Appzuma stands on your way sanding away all the odd thinkings from your mind. Embedded with the marvelous collection of heart pouncing games and apps, it is among the best alternatives for Aptoide.
  3. ANDROID PIT: – Embedded with the eye catchy and the consolating apps, here is this Store for you that will allow you to have an eye for the apps which you will not find on Google Play Store.
  4. APP BRAIN: – Once you download apps from App Brain you had full access to it under the tap of your fingers.
  5. LG SMART WORLD: – Considered to be the home of LG technologies, this App store has been bagged with the new and the advanced technologies capable of driving you off from your seat.

Aptoide iOS | Aptoide Original | Aptoide Like | Aptoide Lite


When talks about the safety of anything comes, it all depends on its total number of pros and cons playing a critical factor in its future usage.Here is the complete history of Aptoide after which you can decide whether it is safe or not.


  1. There is a possibility that the app you downloaded from the Play Store is not accessible in other parts of the world. However, the same problem does not arise in case of Aptoide as the apps are available from any corner of the world.
  2. There are apps which require the personal authorization before its usage. However, the apps in Aptoide Store do not waste your precious time in filling the nasty details.
  3. The user can easily store their confidential information on the apps which you might not find in any other Store.
  4. Developers are directly allowed to upload their apps to the Aptoide Store thus allowing the user to have a better view of it.


  1. The contents inside the apps are not secure and are always on the edge of being threatened.
  2. The materials have no parental restriction which sometimes allows the malicious programs to enter your device.
  3. Though for Android you are free to download the apk of any of the apps, for iOS, you have to go only for the iOS version of the apps.



  1. First, you have to download the emulator to download Aptoide Store. You can easily download any of the emulators from its official website.
  2. After you have finished with the emulator, download the apk file of Aptoide from its official website.
  3. Then open the emulator and run the apk you have just downloaded. You will flow into a new and the innovative world of apps and only apps.

Aptoide Team: Watch Video till End


The review can be only given if we have used that particular thing and have swum across its Prodigy and the mind-blowing features. Aptoide App Store has gained the maximum positive reviews from the public and that too in a short interval of time. Providing the user with the marvelous collection of apps and the games that have never been viewed before, is overpowering and throttling down the other Stores coming down its way.

Reaching to the heights of success from the root base, faster than the tickling speed of the clock is far more than appreciable and is accelerating on its way of providing more and more to its users, even above their expectations.

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