Best augmented reality games 2017

First and foremost let us understand what is augmented reality technology. If you have put best augmented reality games in Google, then here are the best augmented reality games 2017. You have already experienced a big splash of VR games and augmented reality mobile games  like pokemon go augmented reality. Both the VR and AR worlds are bombarded with technologies that have made gaming a different genre altogether. As you must have played augmented reality games 2016, you must have realised what’s augmented vs virtual reality. Now let’s see what are the best augmented reality games 2017.

Take a look into the upcoming augmented reality games 2017.

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10 Best augmented reality games 2017

Assassin’s Creed Empire (Best augmented reality games 2017 #1)

Best augmented reality games 2017

I am a very big fan of Assassin’s creed games and that’s why I am looking forward to this game next year. It’s amazing! Story to graphics or even the characters, all seem so perfect. The previous series has all been world-class and now what to look forward in this game:

  • After launching their newest game AC syndicates in 2015, which was based in London, they didn’t come up with anything in 2016 because they were focusing on one of the best upcoming games in 2017, which is Assassin’s Creed Empire. and
  • It will be based in Egypt, so we can expect temples, pyramids and Pharaohs plus tombs. And of course augmented reality that will sweep you off your feet. They are also collecting opinions form gamers all over the world. So, expect something great!

 Need for Speed 2017 (Best augmented reality games 2017 #2)

Best augmented reality games 2017

It is also one of the best Upcoming Games in 2017 from the NFS series. Ghost EA gaming studio skipped the NFS series in 2016, but they are going to launch a new NFS game in 2017. It is also mentioned on their official site. What to look forward in this game:

  • I am expecting high expectancy level of racing from this game. The game will be available on PlayStation and Xbox and then after 2 or 3 months, it will be for PC.
  • If we look at most of the upcoming pc games, they are little late in comparison to console gaming platforms. So we hope that they announce it together for all platforms. This time they are really developing something awesome as we believe.

 Max Payne 4 (Best augmented reality games 2017 #3)

Best augmented reality games 2017

Max Payne 4 will follow MaX Payne 3 which is quite a famous game from Rockstar Games. The last series was launched in 2012. It got a big response from gamers from around the world. What to look forward in this game:

  • The gamers love this gaming series, hence we have included this in our list of best Upcoming Games in 2017 and also it will be available for Xbox and PlayStation.
  • It’s intriguing and interlocked with a storyboard which keeps the player involved in the game! But it is not officially confirmed by Rockstar Games. But as a demand from fans across the globe, they might launch Max Payne 4 in 2017.

 Fallout 5 (Best augmented reality games 2017 #4)

Best augmented reality games 2017

The Fallout 5 is coming in 2017 and yes its 100% correct. If we look at the Fallout 4 story, which was based in Boston city in 2287, 210 years after the nuclear war, that feel totally like a unique concept and a perfect example of augmented reality as you can check in the gameplay and trailer, the graphics and weapons feels totally out of the world. What to look for in this game:

  • The expectancy from Fallout 5 is much higher after taking a look at Fallout 4, so you can imagine that how much good work they have done in the past.
  • In Fallout 5 we are expecting some different concept when compared to FallOut 4. However Fallout 5 release date has not been confirmed yet, though it’s mostly mid-2017.

 Far Cry 5 (Best augmented reality games 2017 #5)

Best augmented reality games 2017

After the launch of Far Cry 4 and the very latest Far Cry Primal, now it’s announced that Far Cry 5 will be launched in 2017 before March. Far Cry games are known for the jungle atmosphere such as fighting Tigers, Elephants and all other animal species. What to look forward in this game:

  • There will be several missions that you have to complete in various difficulties. The most interesting thing about the Far Cry series is it is one of the best graphic games you can play ever. I would rate this as one of the superior graphics augmented reality products.
  • If we look at Far Cry 5, it will definitely come with some of the best graphics that you can only imagine. But the Far Cry series games are always first available for the consoles, if you are a PC gamer and are waiting for one of the extreme awesome upcoming games in 2017, then you will have to wait for few more months.

Battlefield 1 (Best augmented reality games 2017 #6)

Best augmented reality games 2017

It is now confirmed by EA, one of the top augmented reality companies,  officials that a new Battlefield game is coming soon! The mentioned launch date is holidays seasons, so it means it will be coming at the end of 2016 (November or December). But I believe it will take some time, so if you are waiting for all top upcoming games in 2017, then this one’s for you. I was expecting this game to be named as Battlefield 5, but now it is confirmed that it will be named as Battlefield 1.

  • It’s first-person shooter game. Amazing team-game. One opportunity, if you are into game testing, check this game out, it’s coming soon for Beta testing.
  • Just imagine you can take control of various armored vehicles, including light and heavy tanks, armored  trucks, biplane aircraft, battleships as well as  ride horses into the battle.

Mass Effect: Andromeda (Best augmented reality games 2017 #7)

Best augmented reality games 2017

Along with Battenfield 1, EA is also working on Mass Effect: Andromeda. We can expect Mass Effect Andromeda before April 2017. It was currently in rumours to launch at the E3 2016, but we believe it will be officially launched in 2017 for PC and console gaming platforms. In 2016 they just showcased the game and it will be available in 1st quarter. What to look forward in this game:

As taking ideas from previous series, we can say that upcoming Andromeda game will be based on Space, exploring the space, fighting, character can use differ starships to travel in the space, etc. We are very excited about this game.

Horizon Zero Dawn (Best augmented reality games 2017 #8)

Best augmented reality games 2017

One of the best augmented reality examples is here. It’s a Sci-fi AR upcoming games in 2017. The launch date is set for February 2017. The game is currently in development by Guerrilla Games, and it will be published by Sony Entertainment. What to look forward in this game:

  • The concept of this game or rather the story of this game takes us into 1,000 years ahead in the future, where the characters fight with robot-type dinosaurs.
  • The main advantage of this game is that if we talk about platforms, this will be an exclusive to Playstation 4, because the game is a part of Sony Entertainment, so they will launch it on their own platform and then they might launch on other platforms like PC and Xbox as well, but chances are less. So if you are buying PlayStation VR, you can enjoy it!

Spider-man (Best augmented reality games 2017 #9)

Best augmented reality games 2017

Another Spider-Man game is coming out in 2017. Sony has confirmed that they are launching a new Spider Man game soon, which will be exclusively for PS4. It’s developed by Insomniac Games. The graphics of the gameplay is also very interesting. What to look forward  in this game:

  • Climbing the buildings, fighting with villains is what will make the AR game very interesting. Whoops! There you go… enjoy the stunning graphics and who doesn’t love Spider-man! The game is expected to be showcased at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.
  • We can expect great story behind this game, great and realistic graphics experience and some other surprises for the Spiderman fans too. It’s coming soon in 2017. We can safely conclude that Sony has been investing in augmented reality the right way!

Call of Duty VR (Best augmented reality games 2017 #10)

Best augmented reality games 2017

Call of Duty is going for a virtual reality (VR) experience, and the company is taking steps for best upcoming games in 2017. VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) is the future of gaming and the Call of Duty franchise has taken the VR route with some aspects of Augmented Reality. Creator Activation is coming up with playable experience called Call of Duty VR! What to look forward in this game.

  • Players get the opportunity to strap up on a PlayStation VR headset and drown themselves in the world of cutting-edge battling.
  • Gamers will have 360 degree fights. Literally, like science-fiction dogfights against dangerous adversaries. Gamers will get the chance to experience war and fight a war very closely.

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