motor cycle vlog camera

Best camera for motorcycle vlogging under 500$: Best camera for motorcycle vlogging under 500$: If you are thinking of starting a motorcycle vlog so-called “MotoVlog” then you are at right place. Today we would discuss everything; you need to know about motovlog.

So, the first and foremost thing that one has to know is how to ride a bike properly. If you are not an experienced rider, then you might face some issues. Because motovlogging needs multitasking. You have to talk, you have to look around, and you have to ride, you know what I am talking about right?

motor cycle vlog camera

And after that, you need to edit the video so that it can entertain your audiences. But it’s highly recommended that you should have a good experience on your bike. So, let’s discuss what is the best camera for motorcycle vlog that you can buy from Amazon and start your youtube journey.

These are the “motovlogging cameras” recommended by some of the best motovloggers around the world. These cameras are used personally used by “Baron Von Grumble”, “Royal Jordanian”, and “Adjrian”. They are the best motovloggers on the planet.

So, If you are passionate about moto vlogging, one of these cameras is a must for you. In this article, we would discuss the top 5 cameras and accessories that are required for those cameras to give a kickstart to your moto vlogging journey.

Best camera for motorcycle vlogging under 500$

1- YI 4K Sports and Action Video Camera (Night Black): This is also one of the emerging cameras in “motor cycle vlogging” area. It’s a very affordable sports camera and gives you the best quality output. Below are some of the features of the camera that you should know.

  • Video & Picture Quality: The camera is capable of recording in 4K/30fps (100mbps), 1080p/120fps, 720p/240fps video. You also get wide angles photos here with 155° wide-angle lens with F2.8 aperture. It has also got built-in 2.2″ LCD touchscreen with 640 x 360 HD for easy previewing and shooting.
  • Design: High performing cooling system is present in the camera that prevents YI 4K Action Camera of overheating, and that enables stable video recording.
  • Battery Backup: Rechargeable 1400mAh high capacity 4.4V lithium-ion battery enables you to record up to 120 minutes of 4K/30fps video with a single charge.
  • Audio Quality & Sync: Audio quality of the camera is good, but if you are looking for better sound then you can go for USB audio option.

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2- AKASO EK7000BL Wi-Fi Ultra HD Waterproof Sports Action Camera: This comes at the second number when we talk about the best motovlogging camera. If you can’t afford gopro and looking for a camera who can serve the purpose at the lower price, then this camera is for you. You’ll get a lot of accessories with the camera; AKASO Action Camera, Remote, 1050mAh Battery x 2, Waterproof Case, Bicycle Stand, Mount x 7, Clip x 2, Helmet Mount, Bandage, Tether x 5, Protective Backdoor, USB Cable, Charger and Lens Cloth. Below are the some of the essential features of the camera.

  • Video & Picture Quality: It can capture the HD Quality video in 4K 25fps and 2.7K 30fps and click the pictures in 12MP up to 30 fps. This is four times better than the quality of current HD Cameras.
  • Design: Company claims that it is waterproof till 100 feet. This camera is designed to withstand extreme environments. Its bluish colour is fantastic and gives it a sporty look.
  • Battery Backup: AKASO EK7000 camera comes with two rechargeable 1050mAh batteries. Each one has a battery backup up to one and a half hour. So, total 3 hours of recording time you’ll get with this camera.
  • Audio Quality & Sync: You should also need a separate microphone to record the audio, and later on you have to sync it with your recorded video.

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3- GoPro HERO Session Action Camera-1080 pixels: This is the “best camera for motorcycle vlog under 500″. The ultra-portable size of the camera makes it amazing for motovlogging. Below are some of the important features of the camera that we have to look at.

  • Video & Picture Quality: The camera is very easy to use, with a single button, you can operate the camera.
    You can record in 1080p full HD at 60 fps and can capture photos in 8 megapixels. Fps can also be adjusted using the free GoPro app.
  • Design: The design of the camera is rugged. It is durable and waterproof; you won’t have to need a separate housing for it.
  • Battery Backup: It only uses power when it’s recording. It can record videos up to 2 hours. The battery of the camera can be charged by USB cable or a separate wall charger.
  • Audio Quality & Sync: It does not support external microphones. You need a different mic with its storage. You need to do the post-production synchronisation.

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4- Drift Innovation HD Ghost-S Wi-Fi Waterproof Digital Video Action Camera Camcorder: The Ghost-S is one of the most influential cameras on the list of best motorcycle vlogging camera. It is twice better than its predecessor. It’s bit costly but worth buying as it used few components from Sony brand and received the best vlogging camera award in recent “Engadget Tech Show”. Below are some of the essential features that you should know.

  • Video & Picture Quality: The camera has very easy to use. It provides a wide variety of settings that include resolution, frame rate, 10x digital zoom, bit rate, FOV(Field of View), exposure and manual HDMI out. It can record 1080p Full HD at 60fps. This camera is best if you are vlogging in the evening or night as it has Sony CMOS sensor, 7-element aspherical lens.
  • Design: The “Drift Ghost-S motorcycle vlogging camera” is resistant to dirt and rain. It can also resist water till 9 feet claimed by the company.housing. It has an integrated 2 inch LCD which is extremely durable Gorilla Glass and helps you to preview your desired shot.
  • Battery Backup: The battery backup of the camera is its forte. It can record up to 3.5 hours. So, with this camera, you don’t have to worry about the camera dying.
  • Audio Quality & Sync: The inbuilt microphone of the camera is not good. You get a lot of wind sound while recording the audio. Drift has released their external microphone in just 20dollar that solves the audio problem correctly.

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5- GoPro CHDHX-601-RW Hero 6 Sports and Action Camera (Black 12 MP): This comes third on our list of best motorcycle vlogging camera. This camera is bit costly but worth buying as it gives you the best video and image stabilization. This is the camera used by motovlogger Adrian personally. The best thing that I love about this camera that it sends your footage to your phone where the application itself turns it into a QuikStory- “an awesome edited video”. You can also command your camera by using a command like “GoPro shoot burst. Below are some of its features of the camera.

  • Video & Picture Quality: You can record the video With 4K60 and 1080p240. I would say the performance of this camera is twice as better than HERO5 Black. It delivers the vastly improved image quality with amazing stabilisation.
  • Design: HERO6 Black is waterproof to 10m without a housing. HERO6 Black can take the bumps and bruises while shooting outdoors.
  • Battery Backup: GoPro uses the same battery in all its hero model. You would get around two hours of backup here as well.
  • Audio Quality & Sync: You have here, advance noise reduction technology. You can quickly capture from L and R audio from multiple mics. It gives filters out wind noise from sound, automatically.

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So, these are the top five cameras that you can buy if you want to be a moto vlogger. If you have any doubt don’t forget to let us know in the comments below. We’ll try to respond as soon as possible.



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