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Since last few weeks, I have been a lot of emails regarding Concept 2 rower machines. People are asking different questions regarding the same.  Is there any concept 2 rower used for sale available, concept 2 model d vs model e, concept 2 rowers for sale craigslist and much more.

As we know there are a lot of benefits of the rowing machine. So I thought why don’t I write an article about this concept 2 rower machines. There are three versions of concept 2 that people actually buy nowadays. Below is the specific details about all some of the best rowing machines available of concept 2 rower model.

  • Concept 2  Model Dynamics
  • Concept 2  Model E
  • Concept 2  Model D

Concept 2 Rower D

This is a very older version of concept 2 rowing machine. This rowing machine came in 2003. This machine allows you have bend 1o degree. Later on, this concept 2 version also get updated with modified lock mechanism. This machine is worth its price and provides good ergonomics.

Concept 2 Rower model D is actually available in four colors light gray, blue, light blue and gray and light blue. Flywheel housing with damper customizations adds fur to the cap.

Concept 2 Rower E

This version came after concept 2 rower d version. In this rowing machine, a lot of things were improved. The monitor of concept 2 rower e is having fixed arm that provides better stability. The seat of this rowing machine is 20 inches from the ground, fine enough for perfect balance.

This Concept 2 Rower E is only available in two colors that black and light grey.

Concept 2 Rower Dynamic

This is the latest rowing machine launched by concept company. It looks very classy and gives kind of sporty look. You always feel like instead of doing exercise on rowing machine, you are actually rowing that adds fun and makes this exercise more interesting.

It is mainly available in two colors metallic grey and dark blue grey.  Advanced ergonomics of concept 2 rower helps you to maintain good health if used under regularly with proper guidance.

 Best Rowing Machine: Water Rowing

Above are the Some of the Best Rower machines. But We have one special for you that we are going to talk below. That is actually a water rower machine gives you complete alike real time rowing experience.


concept 2 rower best rowing machine

This is one of the most popular rowing machines among all rowing machine lovers. Below are the important characteristics of this Water Rowing Machine.

Performace Tracking: This rowing machine is having advanced technology of performance tracking that gives you a very good idea about your health performance. It would be measuring your stroke rate, heart rate, workout intensity and much more.

Real Rowing Experience: If you are really a rowing sports fan and want to enjoy rowing in your home. This machine is specially built for you. Handcrafted rowing machine with “water flywheel” that replicates actual rowing feel.

Classic Design: Flywheel of this water rowing machine is very smooth and will give you an amazing experience. Solid ash and honey oak absorbs vibration and gives vibration and sound free soothing experience.

Water Rowing Machine at Discount


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