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Siri App For Android Windows Phone| laptop pc Free apk Download: If you are an iphone user, you certainly might be knowing what siri is all about. Siri is a voice assistant IOS app that interacts with the user like a person and gives the answers of your question. This Siri App is only available for Iphone. There are more than hundreds of millions of android user around the world. So if you are also one of them and looking for siri app for android and free siri app android free download, you are at right place.

Let’s go few years back, you might have rarely seen, someone talking to an app. But now it’s quite normal, there are tens of voice assistant for android and iphones are available in the market that would help you out in solving your day-to-day questions. These voice assistant apps like your personal assistant that would remind you of important events, give you direction while travelling, call your friend in emergency and much more. And this all happens at a single voice command.

Today We would discuss all the free siri for android apps available in the market.There are some free siri for android apps and paid apps as well. It’s upto you which app you would like to go for. IF you want to use just some basic feature android voice assistant app, then you can download free siri for android apps available on the google play. And if you are looking for some advance level android voice assistant app then better go some paid app.
These are the following android voice assistant apps that you should probably check out.


 Google Now (#1Free Siri for android)

Siri for android windows

Google is the world of information. Googlers, Youtuber watchers, Gmail Users has given so much information to the Google that Google knows and understands you, even better than you.Google Now is the free voice assistant android app that helps its users with its information. Google Now better call it free siri for android app gives you suggestion, and reminds you of important events based on your Google Search history, Youtube videos and your Gmail conversations. Here are the following things you should know about this Free Siri for android app.

  • Google machine learning technology makes Google Now very effective in terms of voice recognition and relevance of the result.
  • Google Now is very flexible app depending on the nature of your task and aligns perfectly with google calendar, google maps and google chrome searches.

To Enjoy Google Now App. Follow these Steps…….

Skyvi(#2 Free Siri for Android)

siri for android windows

This is personally my second choice after google now. Skyvi’s customised dashboard lets you do the whole lot of activities with its personal digital assistant technology. There are following things you should know about this free siri app for android.

  • This is not a google version of siri but in itself an independent android siri equivalent that has some advantages and limitations as well.
  • This “second android siri equivalent” after Google Now has good dashbord customized with different categories.
  • This android app would enable you get directions while travelling, enjoy music, weather updates, social media updation and much more.
  • This is a good free siri app but still sometimes have a lot of glitches. May be, I would say, voice recognition system of this android is not that good as expected. Below are the following glitches that I faced while using this voice assistant app. I spoke something and it understood something else. I spoke “Syria News”. It responded as “She is new”. I spoke “Skyfall movie”. It took it as “Skype or Movie”. Better you try and let us know how you feel about this app.

To Enjoy Skyvi App. Follow these Steps………

Cortana(Voice Assistant App for windows)

siri for android windows

If you are not having an iphone or android phone and still want to use siri like voice assitant app for your windows phone then you should better think about “Siri Equivalent for Windows Phone” that’s Cortana.

Before we go technical firstly let’s get to know about its weird name. This cortana name basically comes from fictional, artificially intelligent character that you might have in Halo video games. Actually, at the starting Microsoft thought of keeping the cortana game for its own Halo gaming series. But later on they decided to launch their windows voice assistant as cortana only. On April 4 2014, Microsoft launched cortana is public space as their siri for windows phone mission. There are following things, you should know about this windows voice assistant app.

  • The look of this cortana app is very futuristic and indeed cool. Cortana would represent itself in a circular kind of graphic. This would help you in finding your favourite music, getting your question and answered and much more.
  • This voice assistant app cortana perfectly aligns with bing, google and other third-party apps that makes result more relevant and appropriate.
  • Cool Graphics and animation like spinning and flipping make this app more interesting and enjoyable to use.
  • Apart from Various different features of cortana like making shortcuts on homescreen, quick access, weather forecast, reminders, new headlines. There is still lot to come, every month Microsoft is trying their best to bring latest features and updates to make this cortana, one of the best voice assistant app for cortana.

Enjoy Cortana App
*** Apart for voice assistant for android and Iphone, There are people searching for virtual assistant for pc free, voice assistant app for laptop and windows laptop voice assistant for pc. There are different free virtual assistant softwares for pc are available in the market like briana, syn virtual assistant, dragon assistant for laptop, and obvioulsly our cortana for windows 7, windows 8, 8.1, 10. But we would discuss about the most downloaded virtual assistant app for windows laptop that is briana.

Braina(virtual assistant for PC)

siri for android windows

Braina is an intelligent human language software only for windows pc that enables you to interact with your computer in voice commands in english. It actually makes your interaction with the computer more simple, you don’t have to use your keyboard and mouse again and again. Here are the following things you need to know about.

  • Braina is bit different from common voice assistant apps like siri and cortana. This is a strong productive platform not just a simple chat box.
  • Best feature of the Braina app is this that you can interact with your computer through your mobile using wifi. This works almost with all versions of windows and helps you to perform multi-functionality in just a single window.
  • Briana is actually a result of rigorous research done in the field of AI. It can remember notes for you, set alarms, automate various computer tasks, read ebooks for you and much more.

Enjoy Briana Pro

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