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VR apps For Android

Best VR apps for Android

As the technology of virtual reality is progressing further, we are getting  numerous ways to access it. Now virtual reality is even accessible at the android platform. Various apps have been developed to let you access the immersive multimedia and give you lifelike experience of what you feel is practically impossible.

Samsung gear, proves  to be a very efficient tool to experience virtual world. If you have your samsung smartphone and samsung gear headset, you are all set to to use VR apps on your android phone.

Lets discuss further about best VR apps for android.

  • ALTSPACE VR APP  : This free app, allows you to mingle with other vr headsets users, and connect with them. You can share a number of events with them be it watching videos or having chit-chat, or solving quizzes or playing games.

VR apps For Android

  • DEAD SECRET VR APP : This  thriller animated game is full of mysteries.Here you work as a investigator where you have to probe the case of a death. The atmosphere of the game  remains tense throughout and the sound effects add to the mystery. You have to make complete use of your wit to solve brainstorming puzzles and clues  and hence solve the case.

VR Apps For Android

  • NETFLIX VR APP : If you want to enjoy House of cards or any other of your favorite show sitting leisurely at a cozy theater then netflix is all ready to give you theater like experience,while you are sitting back at your room. It also provides you with some specific details of the shows you can watch, which makes it even more appealing.

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