Best vr apps for iphone

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 Best vr apps for iphone

Best vr Apps For iOS

Immersive multimedia has numerous applications.One includes use of virtual reality in 3D video games and videos. Such multimedia makes users feel more connected to the story and he participates actively as feels that he is a part of that virtual world. vr apps are picking up race in various smartphone platform be it android or iOS.  Apple is never late to provide its users with best quality and most advanced vr content developed till date.. You can have access to these applications via your iphones and google cardboard will work as a headset to give you indulgence in the virtual reality.

Here are some best vr apps for iOS. These vr apps are the most compatible ones for the iphone mobiles.

  • Vrse VR APP : This app will give you best immersive experience.I t lets you experience the new world that you thought is actually impossible to exist. You will feel connected to the stories here. It has music videos ,curated and having binaural sound effects that will give you a pleasing and soothing effect.It’s augmenting platform and you must have it


  • SISTERS VR APP :In creepy horror games,sisters tops the list. Developed by otherworld interactive  this free game has impressive ghost story. The creepy atmosphere,can make you shiver and may also scream with horror sometimes.


  • ZOMBIE SHOOTER VR APP : As the name suggest,horrifying zombies are to be shot dead and the main spotlight of the game is you just have  to use your eyes as the weapon to slay the monsters,thus checking the sharpness of your sight. If you have sarahah app and want to know who is sending you secret messages. You can try this trick to hack sarahah.


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