Best VR Headsets for iphone

If you just went to google and searched for one of those queries like vr apps for iphone5, best vr apps for iphone6, iphone vr apps and vr apps for ios. And Suddenly you came to this page then you are at right place and if you googled something else and suddenly bumped into here, then I would say you are completely at wrong place. Sorry you can leave right now.

Top 5 VR Apps for iphone6

As the craze of vr is going up and everybody is talking about virtual reality. Mainly two things come to people’s mind one is vr headsets and other is vr apps. There are lots of vr headsets available in the market and probably you won’t find it hard to choose the best one. but when it comes to vr apps then your minds get boggled up.

That’s why we are here. Today we would take you to journey of finding best vr apps for your iphone mobile that would take you to the new level of virtual reality.

Jaunt VR app for iphone

VR Apps For Iphone6

In the list of top vr apps for ios, this app certainly deserves the first place. Main attraction of the Jaunt app that it has tons of 360-video content for you to peruse. while sitting home you can take the journey of beautiful places all around the world. So if you are still going here and there in search of best vr apps for iphone. So stop fiddling around, Download this app now.

Within VR App for iphone

VR Apps For Iphone6

Interesting fact about this app is that all the 360 content available in this app would be of HD Quality. And you would find very unusual and interesting stuff over here. So if you are interested in syria war or other adventurous events all over the world that may give you goosebumps. Then this app is certainly one that you should have in your iphone. You would also find many documentaries made by united nation.

NYT VR App for iphone

VR Apps For Iphone6

The New York Times is giving  its best to enhance and expand its print and online stories with its own VR app, This NYT VR app is designed to be used with all the Google Cardboards gave away to readers earlier this year. 360 degree stories include The Displaced, which looks at three children who have been forced to flee their homes. In NYT VR app, smartphone viewing mode is available too.

InCell VR App for iphone

VR Apps For Iphone6

If you are a biology student and looking forward to embark into the world of cells and viruses. Then Incell VR App for your iphone6 is waiting for you. InCell VR app you would have elements of both racing and strategy game-play in a weird manner like a I said inside the cell or maybe with a virus. So, what are you waiting for. Download this app right now and get immersed into the cellular world surrounded by Viruses.

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Orbulus VR App for iphone

VR Apps For Iphone6

This shows that vr doesn’t only mean videos. It would show you the pictures and images that would give you 360view. This Orbulus VR app pertains to the Oculus photo viewer that you get with oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. In fact, some people who experience simulation sickness will prefer still images. In the search of vr ios apps, we put it at no5. It works perfectly with google cardboard and gives you a better experience.

So These are the top 5 vr apps for iphone that you should try. Still There are lots of companies working hard to bring new apps in the market to give better experience. So Let’s cross our fingers and wait to see what future holds for us.

Best VR Headsets for iphone


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