best vr games in 2016

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 Best VR Games In July 2016

Virtual reality has redefined gaming in a new way.It has made it much more interesting and engaging. The high quality content in VR gaming makes it outstanding. Every game has something new and different about it. They have a very interesting plots. It  is not just about  gaming,when you get into game,to have to rack your brain to play and win. Winning becomes a challenge.Through there is a long list of games in VR, we are focusing on the best of the season. Let’s  discuss about the best games in July 2016

The Gallery: Call of the starseed (HTC Vive)

The Vive’s adventure games is based on room technology. Full of enigmas, you will find it really interesting as you get deeper in the game. For doing number of explorations,and solving puzzles, you have to scratch your brains. It will remind you of the 90’s era games,of the same genre.

best vr games in 2016


 Final Approach : (HTC Vive)

Very easy to play,but still interesting. The theme is that Air controller meets conductor of orchestra. The planes will be swirling around. You have to trace the paths of these aircrafts. You have HTC Vive’s room scale as well as it motion controllers , to help you all through your mission.

best vr games in 2016

Air Mech :Command (Oculus Rift)

This game is the result of the high quality the VR gaming. It test your potential,your strategic planning and actions. You have to build your units and deploy them, direct  them to overtake your rival. You have a robot that will be the RTS have to direct and control it. Thus this game offers you a power-pack  immersive experience.

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