Virtual Reality Games for PC

PC games have always been famous. In recent times We have seen the popularity Virtual Reality Games for PC have grown up. People around the world are playing online virtual reality games. So if you are also one of those virtual reality gaming lovers and searching for virtual reality games online free download. You might get confused and unable to find out which VR Game is compatible for your PC.

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So, Today You are at right place. Because In this article, We would discuss everything you need to know about Virtual Reality Games for PC. So, friends Let’s get ready to explore best online virtual reality games. If you are having Oculus Rift and HTC Vive then you can enjoy these VR Games at new level of virtual reality gaming. Read Below to get to know all the important aspects about Virtual Reality Games for PC.

Top Virtual Reality Games For PC

Virtual Reality Games for PC #1

Grand Theft Auto V

fgVirtual Reality Games for PC

Grand Theft Auto V – a game by Rockstars is now available for PC. It’s available at Retail stores and through download.  It’s One of the best virtual reality for pc and also includes Grand Theft Auto Online, with multiplayer support.

  • The players can make up their own scenes by making use of story characters, pedestrians, and even animals.
  • The players cam also control the intensity of the game’s score.
  • Good news! The existing players can transfer their Grand Theft Auto Online characters and progression to the PC from their present vr platforms.


Virtual Reality Games For PC #2


Virtual Reality Games for PC

Extremely detailed, this is a one of the top 10 virtual reality games. A strategic tower defense game, where you have to defeat evil kitties. Special features include:

  • Exclusively for VR and now for PC
  • 15 islands to battle over
  • Several hours of strategic gameplay
  • Thousands of kitties that you can explode

Virtual Reality Games For PC #3

Hover Junkers

Virtual Reality Games for PC

The best VR game 2016 is a multiplayer VR game with flying ships and you can enjoy it on your PC. The game is interesting because of its futuristic designing of ships.

  • Engage in multiplayer VR gunfights that promises to capture real gun play.
  • It’s one of the best shooting games you can ever experience. Plus it’s also one of the best virtual reality games as well as vr computer games!
  • It makes use of HTC Vive’s tracked motion controllers and it’s doesn’t have too much content but its simplistic gameplay and tactility make it interesting, fun and one virtual world game for pc you can’t afford to miss.

Virtual Reality Games For PC #4


Virtual Reality Games for PC

If you have been wanting to be a hero who saves many people or an actual kingdom, then here you go. An action-adventure game is an atmospheric RPG.

  • It’s about an ancient labyrinth that holds the secrets to restore life and peace to their land.
  • However, this labyrinth opens only once a year. That’s the catch.
  • So, every time the hero fails, they cast out and they all have to wait one more year for it to open.
  • This game is definitely one of the best virtual world games for pc. It has unique leveling mechanic.
  • Platforms: PC and Oculus Rift (virtual reality headset for pc)


Virtual Reality Games For PC #5

Elite: Dangerous

Virtual Reality Games for PC

We can actually call this one of the best virtual reality games online ever. We can also say that is an actually self-made game as your actions shape this games.

  • This vr computer game is a multiplayer game. You can win or lose battles, you can bring down the government and do much more by the way you and your friends play the game.
  • You can choose from 400 billion star systems. You can also build ships and customise every part of it.

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