Best vr Headsets In India

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Best vr Headsets In India

Best VR Headsets In India

Virtual reality is becoming trend now. More and More people want to experience it.Those who have already experienced the magic of virtual reality desire for more and better. Different virtual reality kits have come up in the market since the dawn of virtual reality. Some excels in terms of immersive experience, while others in terms of affordability and accessibility.

Talking about the Indian market, it has got a variety of devices available for the virtual reality buffs, but still we lag from large scale adoption here.

Lets discuss further about the best vr headsets in India

  • GOOGLE CARDBOARD VR HEADSET : If you have a smartphone and you want to have a close view of immersive multimedia, then google cardboard is the key to unlock the door to the world of virtual reality. It is the cheapest vr kit available in Indian market. You can assemble the parts very easily and have convenient, cost effective vr experience

best vr headset to in india

Google Cardboard

    • GETCARDBOARD  VR HEADSET : This headset got inspiration from google cardboard.The difference is that it is made from cardboard that is laminated,corrugated and of superior quality, also it has nose cushion and head strap that is adjustable. But there are certain requirements too.You need to have various sensors like proximity sensor and magnetometer in your phone to make complete utilization of this vr headset.


  • ZEBRONICS ZEB VR HEADSET :Just  few months have elapsed since ZEB  VR was introduced in Indian market.This headset is very comfortable to put on since it has thick memory foam padding. It has a magnetic toggle switch that includes neodymium ring along with ceramic disc,so that you can interact  with  vr apps in you smartphone. In a affordable cost this headset will give you a great immersive experience.

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