Best VR Headsets

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Best VR Headsets

 Best VR Headsets

Virtual reality is not anew word now.It has reached apogee in very short time.The experience it offers is incredible and makes us yearn foe more of it. Many technologies have come up since the advent of virtual reality,but the need of the hour is best in class.

The technologies that cater  all our needs in terms of virtual world are few. Let’s discuss about some of the best VR headsets.

OCULUS RIFT VR : The leader in the world of the world of virtual reality.The developer of Oculus Rift Palmer Luckey should be applauded for his great creativity.A kickstarter campaign was launched to fund its development and it became a huge success. Facebook snapped it for US$ 2 billion. It’s characteristics include OLED display,refresh rate of 90 Hz,a 3D audio effect giving integrated headset. This headset is very comfortable to put on.You don’t have to even remove your glasses while wearing this headset. This simple and compact device offers  you a quality time virtual reality experience.

HTC VIVE VR : A  product of HTC and Valve Corporation is another big tech in virtual reality.The property that differentiates it from others is “room-scale” VR. It lets you to be completely immersed in the virtual world.Since you are not tied to a fixed position i.e. you can move around with your headset on. For a 360 degree head tracking system it makes use of 70 sensors as well as it has a refresh rate of 90 Hz.It has sharp visuals. Thus it has all to give to the best immersive experience.

SAMSUNG  GEAR VR : Samsung gear VR also stands high in the line of the variety of VR headsets available.If you want to experience virtual reality using android platform,Samsung VR headset is there for you.The Samsung Galaxy smartphone is used as processor and display.You just have to slot in the smartphone, get glued to your headset and you are all set to enter the world of virtual reality.

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