How to Take Care of Your Laptop

It’s a well-known fact that the materials used in building a laptop and the laptop components are more durable than the materials used in a desktop PC. That being said, how come laptops have shorter lives than the desktop PC? The answer to this question is simple. First of all, it’s a bit easier to take car of a desktop PC and, second of all, a desktop is stationary, thus it is less likely for it to be damaged. Not to worry though, the truth is a laptop can be as long-lasting as a desktop computer, perhaps even more, if maintained properly. Read below for the best laptop guide on how to take care of your laptop.

Battery Life-

One of the most common points with a laptop is the fact that the battery life is constantly dropping the more you use your laptop. Although this problem cannot be solved completely, there is a method of prolonging the battery life. Whenever you are at home – or anywhere else – and you use your laptop plugged in to the power adapter, remove the battery. This way, not only your battery will have a longer life, but you will get lower temperatures as well.

How to Lower the Temperature of Your Laptop-

High temperatures are another main factor that damages your laptop in time. Keeping your laptop cool is one of the most important things to consider if you want to extend the life of your laptop.

Especially you should lower the temperature of your Hackintosh laptop. It has the high-performance motherboard that’s why you should know its motherboard temperature status before purchasing this type of laptops. You won’t see the information in the product feature page. You will get this kind of in-depth information from online like this best hackintosh laptops review.

Besides the fact that you will need to clean your laptop of dust periodically in order to let the air flow inside it, there are other methods to keep your laptop cool. Buying a cooling pad for your laptop not only lowers the temperature, but also allows you to keep your laptop on your lap or any other places that don’t provide a smooth flat surface.

Keep the Dust Away From Your Laptop-

Now, keeping the dust away from your laptop is vital. In case you are not familiar with the process or you have never opened a desktop PC case, then your best choice is to let a professional do the cleaning job. Otherwise, if you are familiar with dusting off a desktop PC, you should not have any trouble with doing the cleaning of the laptop yourself, since the process is quite similar.


Keep in mind that though the laptop is created as a portable device, that doesn’t mean you can be rough with it. Always keep your laptop in a laptop bag and carry it with care.


A final piece of advice at the end of our best laptop guide: if you haven’t managed to keep your laptop away from problems, never try to fix it yourself, as this is usually the first thing that shortens a computers life. Ask for a professional’s help!


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