Cashmania Slots Mod Apk

There is a long list of Cashmania fans who are already in love with it. This game is an addition to what you already love. You can play the game absolutely free of cost and view the uniqueness with the unusual jackpots that the game brings. Every 60 minutes you gather chances to get free coins and avail bonuses along with various prizes. As soon as you begin the game, you get a chance to avail 20,000,000 bonuses and they are absolutely free of cost and it would be a great thrilling experience when you start the journey with a big bonus and free coins already in your bucket.

The game entails a journey where you need to survive and maintain your resources in order to win a huge jackpot waiting for you towards the end of the game. To understand more about the game and the thrill of it that it will bring once you start playing, let’s dive deeper into the specifications.

Cashmania Slots Mod Apk

Gaming Specifications

  • Welcome bonus: 20,000,000
  • Cost: Free
  • Installation: 1,000,000 and more
  • Size: 90 M
  • Content Rating: 12 and more
  • Version: 1.4.1
  • Support: Android 4.4 or more
  • Interaction: Digital Buys
  • Within Application products: Rs 140 to Rs 8700 per product
  • Offered by: Cashmania
  • Permissions: Location, media, phone, WiFi, storage
  • Free Coins: Every 60 minutes
  • Support: Android and iOS
  • Language: English
  • Age: 17 or more


The game is designed according to the Vegas style machines which involve the series of Howling Gold. All you need to do is gather money balls and win huge jackpots by making correct spins and there would be unstoppable credits to your credit score. In another slot, you have to collect as many as fifteen pearls while you are beneath the water with the Mermaid, again winning incredible prizes. There is also a rapid fire game which gives the opportunity to double up your credits whichever you have invested. Then there comes Red Cherries which would help you get the cherry jackpot. Not just this, there are a plethora of exciting jackpots waiting for you as and when you unlock the journey. There are special Vegas slots provided which are more than 30 in number.

You can try your hand at them and get bonuses and free spins. In addition to that, there is a Diamond Fantasy slot which takes you through the nightlife of Vegas and pushes you to win glittering diamond hearts. There is another journey that you unlock in the Wild Desert where you will feel the fire in a remote location but that would entail huge wins. To relax your journey, there comes a Chef Panda to offer you chinese food and lots of dancing and fun that would again enhance your bonuses in the game.

The journey would be like a wave where you would find yourself sometimes in troughs and sometimes in valleys but you have to go through it to win exciting prizes that will make your journey really exciting and worth exploring. In case of any questions or queries you have about the game, you can always reach out to the support staff who would be more than happy to help so you can continue with your journey in a smoother fashion.

What is interesting?

The slightest of the bugs popping up in the game have been fixed. The game would be really smooth in terms of transition from one point to another. You can meddle with slots as per your convenience to make the game more fun. You would never get bored of it as the game is highly engaging in addition to opening new quests for you every now and then. You have a Piggy Bank of your own that you can use to gather more resources or you can keep collecting riches to increase the value. There are various turns that would take your journey to a whole new level of exploration but you have to keep at it. That’s only how you will be able to unlock new challenges coming your way and improve your ranks among others in the game.


Any player playing the game might have this question popping up in their heads that what does the game have in store for them. Which is certainly an important thing to know! Well, there are a lot of surprises that come with the loads of fun. The game gives you endless opportunities to collect free coins to continue with your quest everyday. There would be 300,000 free coins provided to you hour on hour so that you can go on longer in the game. Later, you would notice that you can collect coins upto 3,000,000.

There is a small inbox waiting for you which has a lot of surprises popping up from time to time. You also have a chance to win the jackpot. The challenges that the game brings with it would be intended to raise your excitement to another level. There are tournaments in which it is sheerly fabulous to see your name up on the leaderboard with your rank making the noise of victory and you would be entitled to receive so many exciting prizes in the game that would be awe-inspiring.


The game would take you through thick and thin of adventure and your experience would be absolutely amazing. One should however keep in mind that the game is ideally meant for adults and not children. The game requires you to fulfill the criteria of your age for you to participate in the journey. Other than that the game does not bring into picture any real amount to be dealt with.

It just visualises your rank based on your credit score like any other games. You should always know that the game is for entertainment and joy. As it is really important to break the monotony in a regular life and dedicate some time to bring in the fun elements so that you can revamp the enthusiasm to get back to your routine again.

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