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Managing mortgage is not an easy task for many. People struggle with managing time for this and end up not making sound decisions. This is where applications that allow you to easily manage your mortgage come into play. In this article, we’ll talk about one such application called the Citizens home loan which helps you manage your mortgage efficiently. Should that interest you keep reading to more about this app in detail. 

Specifications of Citizens Home Loan app


Citizens Bank, N.A.





Current version

Version 4.1.10

Current version

Version 4.1.9

Compatibility – iPhone / iPod touch / Mac

Requires iOS 11.0 or later / iOS 11.0 or later / macOS 11 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip respectively

Requires android

6.0 and up

Size (iOS)

43.9 MB

Size (android) 

17 MB


Features of the Citizens Home Loan app

Many tend to get confused between this app and the Citizens Bank mobile banking app. However, both are completely different from each other and have different features to offer. Current mortgage customers can manage their Citizens home loan using the Citizens Home Loan app. It is not possible for them to access other products. Some of such products are auto loans, student loans, personal loans, credit cards, etc. 

Let’s have a look at what are the features which the Citizens Home Loan app offers.

Accessibility: This app can be used by all the existing Citizens customers.


Citizens home loans: As far as your loan is concerned, this application allows the following to be done.

  1. This app allows the user to check as to when is the next payment due. It also gives information about the amount you owe. In addition to all this, this app makes it possible for you to understand how your payment was applied that is mainly about principal, interest, escrow, etc.
  2. Want to make a payment or pay an additional principal amount? Well, you can do so using this app. 
  3. You can also see all your recent payment activity. 
  4. You no longer have to deal with the time consuming process when it comes to setting up recurring electronic payments. Using this app, you can get it done in the simplest way possible.
  5. Well, there’s more to it. Wondering how? There’s a payment calculator as well. Using this, you can come to know how much is it possible for you to save over the life of your loan by making additional payments to your principal balance. Isn’t this an excellent way to plan all your expenses so that you can get done with the loan in the least possible tenure?

Home and neighbourhood: For at least one point in time, we all have been curious to know how much our house is worth in the current market scenario. Haven’t we? The Citizens home loan app addresses this aspect as well. You can get information about the value of your house. Well, not just this. You can also compare the value of your house with that of others in your neighbourhood. 

You can also check out the average household size, what has the growth rate been and also median age living in your area. This helps you to make better decisions as to should the deal be finalized or no. 

Also, when shifting to a different house, it’s quite a human tendency to know who lived before us and how much did they pay for the same place. All this information can be obtained with this application by your side. 

On being shifted to a new place, we tend to look for how far is the place from good schools for our kids. After all, who would want to compromise on education? Using this app, you get information about nearby schools, student population and student-teacher ratio as well. A smart feature this has to be. Agree? 

Citizen home loans: Who would want to deal with a debt that’s spanning over decades? No one, right? This is exactly what you can address in the smartest manner. Wondering how? Well, the Citizens Home Loan app has this remarkable feature wherein the users can review different options to be able to pay down the loan faster. 

Learning centre: There’s a range of questions that seem to trouble the customers. So, you can find information about all of this in the app itself. Some of the questions are – 

  1. How can I own my house faster?
  2. What’s meant by an escrow?
  3. What are the options available if there’s a trouble in making payments?
  • Citizen home loan customer service: If facing any issues, you can reach out their customer service facility for help. They are just a call away and are available from Monday through Friday (8 am to 8 pm ET). 

Citizen home loan app customer reviews

Citizens Home Loans App


  • Save interest & years is one of the best features of this application.
  • Helps in understanding how much an additional principal payment will help you save
  • It’s possible to review different options to pay the loan faster.


  • Citizen home loan customer service: A lot of users have expressed disappointment with their customer service and tech support. The issues aren’t handles and even if they are, they take a lot of time.
  • Some users have complained about false warnings about late payment, payment due, etc.
  • The app settings do not load instantly. Sometimes, they do not get loaded at all.
  • It isn’t possible to view your statements from within the app
  • Navigation isn’t that smooth.
  • Some users complained that the app fails to accept the login credentials after certain time.
  • The app and the website require two different logins.
  • Error message keeps flashing on a regular basis (even when everything is just right).
  • Issues while making payments are prominent.


Citizen home loan app claims to manage your mortgage loans. But, not many customers are satisfied with how this app works and expressed concern about a lot of bugs. Above all, the customer service which should be ideally catering to the issues faced by the customers doesn’t demonstrate a satisfactory performance. 

Frequently asked questions

  • What updates have been made in the latest version?
    The latest version claims to provide enhanced Registration process, enhanced Security, convenient payment options, bug fixes and a lot more.
  • Are there any permissions for this app?
    Yes, on downloading this app, it’ll have access to your location, Wi-Fi connections, phone, device ID and call information, among others. 


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