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If you’ve been looking for a banking medium or a platform or an app that is designed for both – teens and parents, then you very well know that the struggle is real. Having said so, you’ll now find peace as there’s an app that’d take care of everything you’ve wanted and beyond. It is none other than the Copper Banking-Teen Debit Card application.

For those who aren’t aware, ‘Copper’ is a banking app exclusively designed for teens and parents. Now, you might be wondering as to how this app will cater to the needs of both. Well, using this app, teens can access their money everywhere with the Copper app and debit card and this is probably the easiest way of doing so. As far as parents / families are concerned, this app helps them in making smart money related decisions.



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Copper banking

Compatibility – iPhone / iPad / iPod touch / Mac

Requires iOS 10.3 or later / iPadOS 10.3 or later / iOS 10.3 or later macOS 11 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip respectively.

Requires android

5.0 and up







Current version (iOS)


Current version (android) 


Last update (android and iOS))

March 1, 2021

Size (iOS)

69.4 MB

Size (android)

87 MB


Copper Banking

This app is an ultimate solution when it comes to proceeding with transactions, making money related decisions, or learning about savings. Should that interest you, keep reading to know what makes this app so unique and definitely worth a download.

Transactions: Everyone deals with the necessity of funds being transferred from one place to another. Be it your daily essentials or lending to a friend, you deal with transactions on a regular basis. With this app, you longer have to deal with cash and also the fuss associated. As a parent, you can send money instantly to your teens. Teens can now use the money received to shop online or even in stores. 

A platform to earn money: What better than earning money by just clicking? Yes, you heard that right. Earning money is now a click away. Wondering how? Well, there’s nothing much to do. Just refer this app to your friends and earn when they download it. How amazing is that?

Monitoring: As parents, one of the biggest concerns is always about the spending habits of their teens. Well, not anymore! This app allows the parents to monitor their teen’s spending with real time alerts. It is during the teenage years that extra attention has to be paid at what activities are they involved in. Teens too can track when, where and how have they been using their money. Paying close attention to this helps in taking better decisions ahead. For example, say, a teen is spending too much for recreational purposes. This gets reflected and draws the desired attention. With this, the teen can get back on track and avoiding spending more in this aspect.

Learning: This application is backed by experts in the field of financial literacy. Hence, teens get to learn about money in a safe environment. Also, as parents, it is very critical to make better decisions especially those that involve money. This is because most of the decisions taken in this area have a long term effect. No one would want to get stuck in tough situations ahead because the decisions taken were wrong, right? This is exactly where this Copper Banking application comes in handy. It teaches budgeting and savings in the best possible manner. Now, stay assured of a promising future because of the right decisions you’re about to make. 

Debit card: Teens get a Copper debit card with their name on it.

Benefits of a bank: This app tries in every possible way to allow the users enjoy all the benefits offered by a bank. As a customer, you get access to over 50,000 ATMs from all across the nation. It also allows direct deposit, meaning you can get your paycheck deposited directly into your Copper account. Apart from the above, there are some other features offered as well like FDIC Insured Bank Account, zero liability protection, no overdraft fees, no hidden fees and no credit checks and a lot more.

Customer service: This app boasts of providing a world class customer support. 

Customer reviews

Before downloading any app, it’s quite obvious to have a look at what the ones who’ve already used it have to say. Let’s have a look at what the customers said about this app.


  • This is an excellent app that focuses on independence along with financial responsibility, budgeting, saving, planning, tracking
  • Easy to use
  • Get or send money with just a click
  • An excellent app for parents to keep track of how their children are spending money
  • This is a great app to set financial goals.
  • Helps in budgeting and savings
  • Even if you forget your card, this app comes to the rescue
  • This app talks about digitalization (eliminates the use of cash)


  • Foreign transactions are not supported by this app.


There’s hardly anything negative that you can hear about this app from people who’ve used it. An excellent application that focuses on independence along with financial responsibility, budgeting, saving, planning and tracking. You get to learn how to save, how to set budgets and plan your future accordingly. All in all, this is must have app that caters to all your banking needs, helps you learn without getting bored and also enables you to make better money related decisions in the long run.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What’s the new update all about?
    The app has made certain performance improvements and also fixed certain bugs in the latest version.
  • Is the app free?
    Yes the app is free and can be accessed by both teens and parents.

Copper Banking Android

Copper Banking iOS


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