Crash Bandicoot on the run

Crash Bandicoot is now back with a bang. You can play it on your mobile phones now. It brings with it a lot of fun rewards and points that you could collect while playing and it would be an incredible journey of its own. The game would make you face challenges and enhance your level every time you play solo or with your friends. You can play the game and customize costumes of the protagonist and other characters as when you increase your level.

The game requires you to be quick and match the pace so as not  to bump into any obstacles which might lead to a loss of your life and you would have to begin that particular level all by itself or lose some points to begin the game from where you left it. The game becomes really interesting as you witness the adventures in unbelievable locations like the Wumpa Island. It would be like any other animated runner game that you need to play on your mobile phone and collect the rewards that come your way. The story is interesting and would make you engage for a good period of time. Below listed are the specifications of the game:

It includes ruin all boxes, jump and run, deathrun csgo, running from boulder, run faster, crash bandicoot 1,2,3 and midnight run time trial as well

Gaming Specifications

  • Size: depends on device
  • Version: 0.1.1279
  • Content Rating 3+
  • Android version: 5 and more
  • Developer: King
  • Permissions: Storage, WiFi, Media, Phone
  • Requirement: Internet Connection
  • Cost: Free except some items
  • Genre: animated runner game
  • Support: iOS and Android
  • Characters: Crash Bandicoot, Coco Bandicoot, Neo Cortex, Nitrous Brio
  • No. of Players: multiplayer game
  • Rewards: XP Points, costume change, unlocking skins
  • Actions: Run, jump and spin
  • Place: Wumpa Island

Crash Bandicoot on the run


If you are thinking about what the game is then let us be sure of one thing that it involves a lot of running and jumping over platforms and tackling obstacles. You have the option to customize Crash and Coco in terms of their looks which is an extended feature available. The story entails in the Wumpa Island where you would figure Crash is gathering Wumpa fruits by jumping over TNT cases and indulging in duels with enemies and bosses. The idea is to run and dodge while making sure that you do not crash into hard objects which might leave the player dead. The game is pretty straightforward and not complex to understand in the initial go.

As a player you can win the battle against Doctor Cortex and win exciting rewards and gain XP points for your journey. You can trod on to interesting adventure spots like Turtle Woods, Temple Ruins, Lost City, etc and explore them unlocking various challenges thrown at you. You can even choose Coco Bandicoot as your game partner and cover the islands. Engage into battles, win rewards and customize the characters as per your will. You can make your own personalized collection of rewards and use them in the journey while facing a battle. Then in these battle runs you might require some weapons and bombs which would in turn help you gain more points by destroying the opponent and winning over them and unlocking the next level. You are not restricted to play solo, you can club with other players and have a multiplayer game with the fun of its own. It only requires a suitable internet connection to go about it. The game would put you and your team through various challenges that would again pump up the strength at which you might be playing at an initial level.


The main Protagonist Crash Bandicoot: has a special feature to spin in his iconic appearance. The player can propel fruits in the forward direction to create or demolish or strike the enemy. He demolishes almost everything that gets in his path while he revolves like a twister. He has escaped the Cortex Castle after an experiment which turns out to be a failure.

The main antagonist Doctor Neo Cortex: wishes to have methodologies to carve his sheer dominance over the world. He is portrayed as a mad scientist. He has put the island under threat. He plays the role of being the one who dominates and uses the animals in the local area and puts them into his army.

Coco Bandicoot: is Crash Bandicoot’s younger sister. She has a wise brain and was engineered just like her brother under the experiment’s of Doctor Neo Cortex. She is brave and a saviour of her family from the evils.

Nitrous Brio: He was also a learner under Doctor Cortex. He was an equal to the doctor but lacks the self confidence to claim his achievements due to which the credit is taken by the doctor for his doings.


The player has to run and topple over the obstacles and collect rewards for himself by reaching new levels and the game is endless. While you progress in the game you have the option to alter the skins and appearance of the protagonist. You can level up your game by facing new challenges and earn rewards that would pump up your skill as a player. There are points available which you can make use of to improve your rank on the leaderboard as an individual or even as a team player. The game keeps you engaged with the reward it has to offer.

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The game is available for both Android and iOS users so you need not worry about having a particular mobile phone. Further, it is free of cost. If you have played runner games which involve exploring scenes and dodging platforms and pacing up for earning rewards then this game is similar along with an add on that it brings that you have the full chance to modify the looks of the character along with an amazing spinning virtue that it tags along with it of destroying anything and everything that comes in its way like the enemies and bosses. The game would be a really interesting journey once you start unlocking new levels.

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