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Welcome to the latest in Virtual Reality world. I always have something interesting and updated to share with you – be it virtual reality games or virtual reality games. This time, Google has been in news recently and for all the virtually right reasons! Google created a simple yet powerful platform for VR and changed the fate of Virtual reality for smartphones with Google Cardboard. But this wasn’t their long-term goal. After Samsung Gear VR, Google announced its competitor – the Google daydream  VR phones.

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Everything about Daydream VR


Daydream VR Design

Daydream VR

  • Lightweight. Breathabled. Handwashable.
  • The Daydream VR follows you and your imagination. Swing a bat, or create a car out of thin air with a magic wand.
  • The built-in sensors offer smooth tracking and movement. The volume button is adjustable and it allows you to fire up your experience.
  • Simply slip your phone into Google Daydream VR. It’s simple and easy.

Daydream VR Compatible phones

Daydream VR

It’s very obvious that Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are the most compatible phone for Daydream VR. This smartphone has some really amazing features. The best rated smartphone camera. It also comes built-in Google assistant and unlimited storage for your photos and videos. Enjoy one of the best VR experience with Daydream – the best vr gaming headset. Both work with the Google VR Daydream headsets. The smartphones with Android Nougat will support this best virtual reality viewer from Google.

  • Google also announced that Samsung, Xiaomi, Asus, LG, HTC, Alcatel and ZTE will make phones that are compatible with the Daydream VR headset.
  • The ZTE Axon 7 tops the list of ‘Google Daydream compatible’ smartphones. Of course it has its own VR headset called the ZTE VR.
  • Huawei has also announced that it will be making Daydream-ready phones, VR headsets and controllers.

Daydream: Price

  • Daydream View will cost $79.
  • I can say it’s the perfect competitor It’s cheaper than Gear VR, which cost $99.
  • Google Daydream VR device goes one step further in winning the rivalry with Gear VR. Gear VR needs separate purchase of additional controllers while Daydream View includes everything in its packaging.
  • This also is far easier and more accessible for those game players who can’t afford Oculus, HTC Vive or PlayStation.
  • Also, it’s interesting to note that Google Cardboard was quite cheap compared to other VR device. I am delighted to see the Google Daydream at least meets a reasonable price point.

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Daydream: Release date

Daydream View is coming soon. It’s officially releasing in November 2016.

If you are in the US, you can buy the headset from the Google Store or through Verizon and Best Buy stores. Of you’re based in the UK, you can visit EE or Carphone Warehouse.

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