Days Gone Errors Fix | ce-30005-8, ce 34878-0, install error, download error

Days gone error ce-30005-8

If this error pops up, then there could be three devices responsible. It could be as a result of your PS4 internal and external hard drive, or the Blu-Ray or even your DVD player. If you’re wondering what could be the reason for this error, then it could possibly be an outcome of hardware failures. 

  • In most cases, it is observed that the hard disk of PS4 faces this issue. To avoid this, it is always advised that you back up the hard drive as soon as possible whenever an issue of data loss creeps in. 
  • Sometimes, the issue could be with Blu-Ray or your DVD player. Constantly checking whether it is broken or damaged helps.
  • Some users face this error when trying to start the game from an external hard drive. If that’s the case, then what you could do is to check if the PS4 system gets corrupted or any unwanted sectors on the hard drive. There are a lot of free tools available that can help you with this. All that you need to do to fix days gone error is to connect the external hard drive to your computer and launch whichever tool you have decided to proceed with. Now select the external hard drive followed by clicking the surface test feature. Finally, click on ‘start’. If there are many errors, then consider replacing your hard drive. 

How to fix this error?

Try the below fixes. At least one should be able to resolve your issue.

  1. Delete the game data on hard drive. Following this, you can restore the data.
  2. Go for a new PS4 hard drive in case there are too many bad sectors.
  3. Rebuilding the PS4 database also helps.

Days gone error ce 34878-0

This is yet another general error that indicates that your survival game – Days gone has crashed. 

  • Some players got rid of this by just restarting the game.
  • If problem still persists, then ensure that both the system software and game are updated to the latest version. For this, you’ll have to go the PlayStation home screen, select ‘Days gone’ and click on ‘options’. Then click on ‘check for updates’. If there are updates remaining, install them. Now, click on the ‘Settings’ button present at the top of the PlayStation home screen. Click on ‘system software update’ and allows the updates to be installed. 
  • Turn off your PS4 console and controller, reboot and then open the game.
  • Re-install the original hard drive.
  • If after all this, the error still pops up, then try initializing PS4. For this, Go to PS4 Settings, then to ‘Initialization’, select ‘Initialize PS4’ followed by ‘Full’.

Days gone install error

This issue arises due to saving and closing the game before finishing the prologue. If you played once and you didn’t get to the part where you got your bike, you’ll have to restart.

Days gone download error

The issue with this game is that it allows people to start playing even before the download is complete. So, in case you find this error popping up, it means that you need to wait for the game to be downloaded fully before playing further.

Days gone disc error

Sometimes, the reason for this could be a disc is already there that you have forgotten about, or was placed in there without your knowledge. Check for the same. If problem still persists, contact tech support.

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