How To Deactivate Instagram

It Seems you are finally fed up of Instagram Account and want to delete your account. But Unable to find how to deactivate Instagram Account. You might have Searched following queries on the internet.

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How To Deactivate Instagram

If yes, then you are at right place, we will help you out in deleting your Insta Account in few simple and quick steps. Instagram might be enjoying the  reaching of 500 million users , but not all those Instagram users  actually want to be  around here. Do you still own an account simply because you couldn’t find how to delete it? This how-to is for you.

Instagram doesn’t want to make it simple to delete accounts. Instead If you access Instagram via the mobile, you won’t find any delete functions in settings options. But there is definitely a way to deactivate your Instagram account.


How To Deactivate Instagram Permanently

Follow these Steps….

  • Go to this link
  • Then Select How do I delete my account in drop-down menu.
  • Select Delete your account Option. You need to login your account to proceed further.
  • Here You have to select option, Why are you deactivating your account in drop-down menu.
  • Enter your password and Click on Permanently delete my account .
  • Once this Process is done, the Instagram account cannot be retrieved.

How To Deactivate Instagram Temporarily

  • Log in your Instagram Account via mobile or desktop browser.
  • Ignore/close all the prompts to access Insta via Android or iOS.
  • Tap the human shaped icon on top right corner to get access your profile.
  • Then Click on Select Edit Profile.
  • Scroll down and select option  Temporarily delete my account.
  • Mention the option, Why are you disabling your account? in drop-down menu.
  • Enter the password and click Temporarily disable my account.


So These are the two tips that you can use to deactivate your Instagram Account completely depending on where you want to deactivate it Temporarily or permanently.

“You hate or Love Instagram, Let us know in the Comments”

I Personally hate it because It seems to be a symbol of Narcissism.


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