DIGIPASS for Business Banking

In today’s technologically advanced world most of the work has been taken over by technology instead of direct physical contact. The banking functions have also been benefitted from technological advancements. As the work has been much faster than earlier. The Banking functions have not just been faster but also easier for the consumers with just one app handling all the functions which were previously done by visiting the bank. Digipass app for business banking is an application made for the purpose of providing a safer platform to the consumers by generating one-time passwords and performing safe login. Let us look in detail at the Digipass Business Banking app.

Publisher                                                       Fiserv Pvt. Ltd.

Released Date                                                   23-08-19

Language                                                           English

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DIGIPASS for Business Banking


The Digipass app has been developed by Vasco on behalf of Fiserv. Vasco Data Security International is one of the number-one vendors of software and hardware user authentication and e-signature solutions. Vasco has formed an alliance with Fiserv, a US company that offers information management systems and services to the financial industry, and has been a facilitator for the development. The Digipass app helps in providing a safer place for user’s application by providing the protection of using a PIN or the fingerprint recognition reliant on your device capabilities.

The DIGIPASS for Business Banking app can be used on any phone iOS/ Android and allows the users to generate OTP (One Time Password) and Digital Signature on the device that they are using to allow for a safe platform for transactions. 

How to use

The usage of the DIGIPASS Business Banking app is quite user friendly and easy to use with just some setting up required in the starting. The steps mentioned below are for the users who have never used soft tokens before and are new to it. To start using it one needs to use their computer and log in to business banking with the current username and password. Then you would be prompted to activate the soft token. On the mobile device, one needs to download the ‘DIGIPASS for Business Banking’ on their phone. To begin with the activation, one requires to scan the secure, multi-colored CRONTO Image displayed on the computer’s activate token screen.

With the help of the app, you will be able to decode the image and you will receive your device code. Then all you need to do is fill out the activate token displayed on the computer’s screen on the app and then provide a nickname to your device. Then set a 4-digit PIN that you will be able to remember later on and add a security question and then click on continue. If the mobile phone that you are using allows for a fingerprint scanner then choose YES to enable fingerprint security for opening the

app. This completes the activation. Once you have activated the application you can easily and safely perform the functions of safe money transfer and safe login as the app requires a PIN or fingerprint recognition to log in.

Latest App Version

The latest version of the app is 4.18.01 and it was updated recently in 2021. The new version supports Android “Q”, which is an upcoming Android mobile operating system. 


The DIGIPASS Business Banking uses One-Time Password Token. The One-Time Password Token is best among one of the many other banking security options. As technological advancements have taken place for the betterment so have the frauds. To battle against these frauds, one needs to increase the security for the safety of the users. Fiserv and VASCO after getting together and have brought out the Digipass one-time password (OTP) token solution to provide the customers with another level of security. 

The OTP tokens are devices that provide a gap between the token and the network, which eliminates the need to connect to a host device that may already be infected. They are also portable and capable of cross-platform and cross-channel functions. The DIGIPASS also has many unique features including website authentication, challenge-response, and digital signatures that help in providing the users with a safer platform. 


To Conclude it all, the DIGIPASS Business Banking app created by VASCO and Fiserv serves its purpose by providing the users with the utmost protection by using a PIN or fingerprint recognition reliant on your device capabilities. The app can be easily used by anyone after reading the detailed guide.


Q. Where can we find the app?
A. You can find and download the DIGIPASS for Business Banking in both the Apple and Google Play app stores by searching for it.

Q. How does the app work?
A. The app works with soft tokens. The app protects access to the Business Online Banking account by generating random, one-time passwords that you need each time you log in. The one-time password along with the PIN you set up in Business Online Banking, makes it impossible for anyone to hack your account.

Q. What if someone accidentally enters the wrong number when logging in?
A. If you enter the wrong one-time password/PIN combination, just re-enter the correct numbers generated by the app and your PIN.

Q. What if one loses their phone?
A. When setting up the soft token, one has the option to register on more than one device. So, even if one misplaces their phone, they will still be able to log in from another device. 

Q. Can this app be used with another Business Mobile Banking app?
A. Yes, the DIGIPASS for Business Banking app can be used when logging in or completing transactions via Business Mobile Banking. Instead of following the desktop activation process, you’ll generate a one-time password from the DIGIPASS for Business Banking app to log in from your mobile banking app or when you complete a transaction.

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