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We are all fans of Dragon Ball Z right? This game of Dokkan Battle MOD apk 4.10.2 is in itself a puzzle game that requires it to be solved. The game consists of animation in 2D which survives in the world of dragon balls where there is a chaotic time going on as the characters in the story are from an ongoing time as well the past time and they come for a face off and go through the duels.

The idea is to explore this new journey and rescue the dragon ball world. The game is highly addictive and creates the zeal to fight the competition with the enemies. You can play the game according to your speed and you can play it where you want to. The characters are from the Dragon Ball Z series which we all are all aware of and with this game it gives you a chance to enhance the powers of these characters with the kind of game you play. The battle is for new versus old and it is your pick which team you want to choose and which challenge you want to face.

It includes unlimited dragon stones, platinmods, changejection, dbz space with global mode. Made for bluestacks, element evil, cheats and more.

To get a more clear understanding of the fun filled game, let’s dive deeper into the details. Below are some of the listed specifications of the same.

Gaming Specifications:

  • Genre: Action
  • Version: 4.10.2
  • Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
  • Size: 92 MB
  • Android Requirement: 4.4 or more
  • Features: God Mode, High Attack, Dice Always 1-2-3
  • Size: Depends on the device
  • Content rating: 12 or more
  • Installations: 10,000,000+
  • Permissions: Internet and network
  • Within application products: Rs. 79 to Rs. 3,999 per product
  • Genre: Anime action
  • Cost: Free
  • Requirement: Internet needed

Dokkan Battle Mod apk


The game is a puzzle in itself and its genre is action anime. In order to win over your enemies, you need to go to the Dokkan mode. You can strategize your battles and play the game as per your speed. You can launch super attacks to finish off your enemies and as a result of which you can collect Ki Spheres.

The attack available are the ones you know of from the Dragon Ball Z series. Kamehameha attack by Goku and the Final Flash of Vegeta. You can enjoy all these attacks with the feel of interacting with your favorite characters from the series. The interesting part about the game is that the characters you have earlier watched in the game are actually the ones that you are controlling and fighting with which it is made even more interactive and an engaging journey in itself.


All Dragon Ball Z characters are present in the game. From Goku to Vegeta to Krillin etc. All are there to capture your mind.

Goku: Goku is the protagonist of the Dragon Ball Z series. He is involved on a quest to fetch the dragon balls which are capable of granting the wish. Goku is a warrior from the race of Saiyans and has the strength of that of a super human. Goku has the major role of protecting his home planet from those who are willing to destroy it.

Vegeta: The Saiyan people have their last prince who is Vegeta. He is in search of the dragon balls and is initially engaged in a duel with Goku. Later, Vegeta and Goku fight in parallel keeping their competition alive.

Krillin: Krillin is Goku’s best friend and has interests in martial arts. Goku and Krillin are classmates. They both share a loyal companionship in the upcoming adventure in the story. Krillin later reaches planet Namek. There he dies and is again brought to life by Namekian dragon balls.

Frieza: Frieza is the citizen of Namek planet and is an emperor of Universe 7. It is only later that it comes to light that Frieza was the one to be named for the destruction of the Saiyan planet and also ending the life of some Saiyans. However, he keeps Vegeta and also involves Goku into a battle where he inculcates into a superior form after Krillin is murdered by Frieza.

Team Formation

Wouldn’t it be cool to have your team cherry picked to be the best or customizing it to be one of the strongest, most willed and the most enduring one? If you are thinking about this feature, then you are at the right place with the right expectations. This Dokkan Battle MOD apk 4.10.2 helps you to apply various permutations and combinations to select the best from the lot. You have the opportunity to customize your own team with the respective warriors you want on your side and it is entirely your choice to create the strongest team possible so as your chances of winning are increased multifold and not just that, you can even coach your dragon ball characters to enhance their power and agility to another level. What can be better than forming a team of your own warriors who can help you win the rewards and provide a neck to neck battle with the competing team.

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The game is to be played based on a particular timeline in which the characters from the earlier time come in a face off with the characters in the current time and the battles begin in the dragon ball world. You can either choose Goku’s team or become a part of his rivals and put your team’s characters to the test of power and assemble them in a structure that would be beneficial for you to win the game. It’s a board game that you can map and trail your story with the best available characters and launch attacks on the opponent team. The only condition being the game requires internet connection and can be played on any Android device. So, get ready and get going to enjoy your lively and refreshing moments with the Dokkan Battle MOD apk 4.10.2.

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