dolphin pool cleaners

Who wants to spend their free time cleaning the pools is a question that many pool owners ask themselves when it comes to cleaning their pools? We all know that it is important to keep the pools clean but many pool owners seem not interested in spending their free time in cleaning the pool but would rather spend their free time enjoying the pool. So, what is the fix? The fix is pool cleaners which makes the cleaning of the pool much easier and also helps save time. Even though there are pool cleaners available in various shapes and design it ultimately depends on the user and the size of pool to keep in mind while considering to buy pool cleaners. In this article there will be specific information about the different types of pool cleaners which will help you decide which type of pool cleaner to go for depending on the size of the pool and what will work best for you. 

dolphin pool cleaners


Pool cleaners are vacuum cleaners that suck out debris and waste materials from the pool. They clear the pool and make it fit for use by removing the unwanted harmful materials. Pool cleaners come in various designs and shapes. One can buy pool cleaner depending on the size of one’s pool. Pool cleaner cleans the debris and transfers the waste inside a bag which is attached to the cleaner which the owner has to clean in order to use the pool cleaner again. Pool cleaners cleans the pool much efficiently and saves time. 


The main function of pool cleaner is to remove dirt and clean the pool. Whether its manual or automatic pool cleaner they all perform the same function. They all vacuum debris from the pool by scraping the dirt from the pool floor. Filters which are attached to the cleaner filters the pool water by retaining the PH level of the pool and gets rid of algae maintaining the pool water. They come with their own collection bag where all the vacuumed debris get stored. After the cleaning the owner has to clean the bag to use it again. Manual pool cleaners require manual effort to clean the pool whereas automatic pool cleaners do the work on their own by saving time and energy and also clean the pool better and effectively. Automatic pool cleaners reach to every surface of the pool whereas manual pool cleaners can only clean the pool floor. 


There are different types of pool cleaners available in the market. They all make the job of cleaning the pool much easier. They all are available in various sizes and designs. There are four types of pool cleaners: pressure pool cleaners, suction side pool cleaners, robotic pool cleaners and handheld pool cleaners. They all differ in their function depending on their type and the size and surface of the pool. 


Pressure pool cleaners are also known as pressure-side cleaners. These cleaners use the power of the pump to move quickly around the surface of the pool. The pressure-side vacuum gets attached to the pressure-side of the filter and they move around the pool by making the use of the water pressure for force. This pressure pool cleaner works best for those type of pool that collect leaves, twigs, pebbles, bugs, etc. The pools which are situated in windy areas tend to accumulate quite a lot of debris and pressure pool cleaners works best for picking such type of stuff. The waste materials and dirt collected by the cleaner is then stored in a self-contained bag which is fitted on the pool cleaner and this bag needs to be emptied regularly to use the cleaner. Pressure pool cleaners tend to clean the pool floors better than the pool walls. Installation of the cleaner might be little complicated but it is easily manageable. 


Suction pool cleaners are also mentioned as suction-side cleaners. The suction gets fixed to your existing pool filter pump and they discard the vacuumed gunk and dirt into the filter. The suction causes the pool cleaner to navigate casually around the bottom surface of the pool. The pool filter pump has to be on all time during the cleaning which means that suction side cleaners consume more electricity than normal pool cleaners. This pool cleaner is best for people who have limited budget and for those who have small size pool. Suction pool cleaners are the most common pool cleaner and can be used for both above and in-ground pools. 


Robotic pool cleaners are one of the most popular type of pool cleaners. Out of all the different pool cleaners out there, automatic robotic pool cleaners are more energy efficient. They are total game changer. They keep the pool water and the pool surface crystal clear with zero manual effort. They are well suited for every pool type and can collect both small and large debris particles. They clean even the smallest particle in the pool. They can even climb onto the pool walls to clean it. Robotic pool cleaners are expensive pool cleaners. They come with their own motor and an internal microprocessor that assess the size of the pool and cleans it accordingly on its own. Some robotic pool cleaner models come with features such as remote control and four-wheel drives. 


Handheld pool cleaner or manual vacuum cleaner is much similar to the vacuum cleaner used to clean the house. Handheld pool cleaners have no mechanical parts and it is an inexpensive way to clean the pool. The cleaner has to be driven along the surface of the pool to clean. As the name suggests handheld pool cleaner requires manual work to navigate it around the pool. The vacuum is attached to a long pole which the user has to hold. Using handheld pool cleaner is physically draining and is also time-consuming and it usually is able to clean small pools. 


Pool is the place where people after a long tiring day come to relax and enjoy and hence, it is necessary to keep it clean. A dirty pool is always a turn-off. It is advisable to clean one’s pool regularly to keep it fresh and healthy. Now, choosing a pool cleaner can pose as a challenge as there are many different brands out there to choose from. There are many important points to keep in mind before choosing a pool cleaner. First and foremost, determining the size of the pool is a crucial factor.

Like whether the pool is built above ground or in-ground. If the pool is in-ground then an inground pool cleaner is needed to clean the floor of the pool properly. Secondly, one has to consider whether the pool is residential or commercial. Commercial pools have to cleaned daily as many people swim in the pool at one time whereas in residential pools people don’t use it often. So, residential pool doesn’t need daily cleaning. Thirdly, one has to consider of how the pool is built of, whether the pool is made of tiles, vinyl or fiberglass. Also, whether the pool is irregular, flat or rocky is also a crucial point to consider before buying a pool cleaner.

One also has to look into the surrounding area of the pool as to ascertain if either the pool is situated besides a tree or does the pool usually collects waste such as twigs, stone or leaves. After finally establishing the pool requirements the user also has to look into the budget. If the user has a limited budget then there are inexpensive options such as manual or suction side pool cleaner to choose from. If the budget is flexible then the user can buy automatic pool cleaners as they are best option to choose from if one needs hassle free pool cleaning. 


(1) DOLPHIN SIGMA ROBOTIC POOL CLEANER: Dolphin sigma robotic pool cleaner is an easy-to-use cleaner with anti-tangling swivel which allows the cleaner to navigate around the pool freely without getting tangled. It’s a hassle free cleaner and can move freely around residential pools up to 50 feet easily. This cleaner doesn’t come with attached cleaning bags which the user has to clean instead it has massive top loading cartridge filters that entraps minute dirt particles for an efficient cleaning. It has strong dual scrubbing brushes that meticulously cleans even the stubborn algae and bacteria from the pool walls and surfaces and along the waterline for a deep clean in just 2.5 hours. One can even set the Sigma weekly scheduler to automatically clean the pool as per the user needs daily or twice or thrice per week.


The user can also connect the cleaner to the smartphone using Bluetooth to spot clean as per the user’s needs. It is equipped with advanced smart scanning software that ensures that the pool is thoroughly cleaned using the most efficient way without getting into a hurdle. Dolphin sigma robotic pool cleaner comes with ultra-energy efficient triple 24 Volt DC motors. It also comes with gyroscope mobility system for maximum performance. This cleaner is backed by a 3-year quality assurance.

(2) DOLPHIN PREMIER ROBOTIC POOL CLEANER: Dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner is a single button plug in-ground robotic pool cleaner which is ideal for pools up to 50 feet. This cleaner comes with anti-tangle patented swivel cable that permits the cleaner to navigate around the pool easily to clean. It is equipped with strong dual scrubbing brushes that powerfully charge at the stubborn dirt and debris resulting in a clean pool floors, walls and waterline in 3 hours. The Premier cleaner provides multiple filter options. It comes with three standard filter options: bottom-load fine cartridge filters, ultra-fine cartridge filters, and an oversized fine filter bag.


This pool cleaner makes cleaning convenient. One can set the Premier’s weekly schedular to clean automatically for the user everyday or every alternate day. It comes with a full filter indicator that lets the user know whether it’s time to clean the filter. Dolphin premier’s CleverClean provides a neat and efficient clean using its advanced algorithms. This pool cleaner is designed to clean all pool surfaces with inch-perfect precision. It has ultra-efficient twin DC motors that operates on 90% less energy compared to those old-fashioned suction and pressure pool cleaners. Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner is backed by 3-year quality assurance. 

(3) HAYWARD W32025ADC POOLVAC XL POOL VACUUM [AUTOMATIC POOL CLEANER]: The Hayward XL suction pool cleaner provides complete pool coverage with its patented AquaPilot technology. It has extensive inlet and distinctive wing design which provides persistent suction power. In less than 10 minutes the cleaner attaches directly to the pool’s skimmer or suction port for overall installation. A 40-foot hose is also included with the pool cleaner.


The cleaner doesn’t come with debris bag so there’s no need to empty the bags for frequent maintenance. The cleaner is equipped with advanced suction design that cleans silently and provides more peaceful environment while cleaning. The Hayward suction pool cleaner completely covers the floor, walls and coves of in-ground pool up to 20′ x 40′. 


  • How to keep the pool clean and maintained?
    Answer: By cleaning the pool at least twice a week. Also check the PH level of the pool water with a test kit. 
  • How long can water sit in the pool without chlorine?
    Answer: Water can sit in the pool without chlorine for about 24-48 hours. Although its not advised to do that. 
  • How to clean the pool without using a pump?
    Answer: The best way to clean the pool without a pump is by using pool vacuum cleaner.
  • What happens when one swims in a pool without chlorine?
    Answer: It is not advised and it is not safe to swim in a pool without chlorine as it can contain harmful bacteria. 
  • Does pool pump use up a lot of electricity?
    Answer: Yes, pool pump consumes a lot of electricity. 
  • What pool cleaner to use for small size pool?
    Answer: If one wants to use manual pool cleaners, it an inexpensive way to clean the pool. Also, suction side pool cleaners are ideal for small size pool cleaners. 
  • Are manual pool cleaners best or automatic ones?
    Answer: Automatic pool cleaners are the best when considering to clean the pool in a time-consuming way but ultimately it depends on the user. Manual pool cleaners also do the job but it requires more effort. 


Pool cleaners are the best way to clean the pool ensuring the pool is clean and healthy for further use. There are many pool cleaners with varied functions but all ultimately does the same job: cleaning the pool. Each pool cleaner comes with its pros and cons but the one pool cleaner that stands out is the robotic pool cleaner. They are the expensive ones but they are quite efficient in cleaning the pool without making a hassle.

They are automatic and clean each and every inch of the pool quite comfortably. Pressure pool clean and suction pool cleaners are quite manageable but one has to give a proper thought while going with manual pool cleaner. At the end of the cleaning how much the user takes care of the pool cleaner ensures the long life of the cleaner. In all it depends on the user on what designs and brands to go for when buying a pool cleaner. 

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