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Let me ask you this question, how did you reach to this website. You might be thinking what this question has got to do with you.. Actually It is…

Virtual Reality Headsets that can boost your typing speed

I believe, You might have typed some queries on google like free typing games, free typing games, rapid typing or something like that. Then You hit enter button and this page conjured up, right? So the basic this you did, you typed.

“Better You type faster you reach the information”.

free typing games free typing test rapid typing

World has changed its way of getting information and knowledge. Earlier We used to ask or read to get the information, But now We type. There are hundreds of millions people around the world doing this right now. We all know what is the significance of typing now a days.

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So, Today I would be talking about how you can improve your typing speed. What are the different typing test and typing games available online to get better typing speed. Later on You can ask questions in the comments below and we would help you out. So Before I jump into it, there is one thing that you should know that’s called WPM (Word Per minute).

Best Online Games that You can play right Now

Free Typing Test

There are different conventions about poor, average and good typing speed. But below mentioned are the standard parameters followed world-wide.

  • Poor Typing Speed: Less than 30WPM
  • Average Typing Speed: 40-50 WPM
  • Good Typing Speed: 60-80 WPM
  • Pro Typing Speed: More than 100WPM

You can go to this website and check your typing speed now. Once you are over with your typing test and get to know your typing speed, you can come back to the same page and download free typing games available.

So If your typing speed is less than 50WPM. It means you are below average and you need to improve it. There are a lot of techniques that one can use to improve. Here I would tell you about some free typing games  that you can play and start doing rapid typing with in a month or two.


Free Typing Games #1 Typing Master 10

free typing games free typing test 1

This is one of the most popular free typing games available on the internet. Instead of calling it a typing game, I would rather say, Typing Master is a complete course of rapid typing. Typing Master 10 also provides you Typing Meter that will test your typing speed all the time, whenever you are typing on your computer. Below are the following things, I really love about Typing Master 10.

  • Time Saver: It’s a full-fledged 10 hour course to achieve good typing speed if all the instructions are followed properly. Hence it saves time.
  • Typing Meter: Typing Meter always keeps an eye on your typing speed and gives you live statistics about your typing speed growth.
  • Specific attention: It points out your weak points and helps you to improve those skills specifically.

You can easily Download the Typing Master 10 game for windows from here.


Free Typing Games #2 Type Racer

free typing games free typing test 2

This is one the most fun typing games available on the Google Play store. The Game is developed by bonfire media Inc. In this game you would be getting lot of fun facts that would tickle your bone and you would love typing them. eg..”According to a recent research, the more curvy a woman, the more intelligently she likely is”.

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There are some pros and cons of the game as well. The game is entertaining and easy to use while on the other hand, you won’t be able to do customization like changing the difficulty level. And you can also get some pop up ads with in a while that you have to skip. Overall I would say this game is worthy as it is free.

You can Download the Type Racer from here.


Free Typing Games #3 Air Typer

free typing games free typing test 3

This is a very small size 2mb game developed by Gametop company. This game is kind of fun rapid typing where you explode the air balloons by typing the word written on them. The game has very good soothing music that keeps you entertained all the time. There are following things, I love about this game.

  • Graphics and Soundtrack: User Experience of this game is quite good as it provides decent picture quality and soothing sound track.
  • Supported to All Versions: This is specifically a windows game supported on all the versions of it including Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10.

You can Download the Air Typer from here.


Free Typing Games #4 Type Racer Online

free typing games free typing test 4

This is a free typing test where you would compete with other online users typing some phrases. This typing test is quite interesting because here you would be typing dialogues of famous movies and other crazy stuff. So over all, This free typing test is quite simple and very easy to use without any download required.

You would also be getting live scores of the people who are scoring highest in the rapid typing test competition. You can play this game and let us know in the comments, what do you feel about this game. Games Novel – New escape games everyday that you can try over here.

You can Play Type Racer Online here.


Free Typing Games #5  Typing Tutor

free typing games free typing test 5

This Free typing test is a combination of many videos. Here you would be taught step by step how to start doing rapid typing. What I love about this typing tutor that you get thorough explanation in each step. There are other varieties of games available depending on your typing speed.

So, If you want to be the pro in rapid typing and want to learn everything about rigorously. This is an online free typing test complete course.

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You can play Sense-Lang Typing Tutor here.

“Please let us know your typing speed in comments below”




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