Welcome to my blog. I am sure you are looking for Robinson the journey game and that’s why you have landed right here. Don’t worry you will get to know Everything you need to know about ‘Robinson: The Journey’ Game. This latest virtual reality game is developed by Crytek. And if you have been wondering robinson the journey release date then the secret is out: it’s releasing as a PlayStation VR launch title on October 13, 2016. Let us know what it holds for vr lovers. Below I will be exploring some key features that I discovered.

Follow these Steps to Enjoy ‘Robinson: The Journey’….. 

Everything you need to know about ‘Robinson: The Journey’ Game is right here

Everything you need to know about ‘Robinson: The Journey’ Game


Robinson vr game is all about exploration, plus the power of CRYENGINE is used to provide the sights and sounds such that that players have crash-landed on a unique planet, and they discover something unusual for the first time. This will enhance the robinson the journey gameplay. Below you will discover the key features that make the journey game even more interesting and you can decide if you really wanna play with it or not. If you are a kid and want to play games at school at spare time, you can try these unblocked games 77.

‘Robinson: The Journey’ Game Key Feature #1

In a demo, while playing I fell into a pit of dinosaurs and I instantly met with a decidedly non-violent demise. The screen faded to black. Look at these two points that make it even more smooth and interesting to play on PS4.  sonic games free downloadIf you are a sonic games fan and love to play with the hedgehog character, you can check link here.

  • It can also be used to levitate objects, this creates a kind of foundation for game’s brain teasers.
  • The climbing mechanic is like a wow! It will actually make you jump out of your chair and get into the zone.

‘Robinson: The Journey’ Game Key Feature #2

What interests me further is they are using Crytek’s CryEngine which makes the game is almost unbelievably stunning. With smooth graphics and robinson the journey gameplay uses the platform in a unique way. Let’s explore further:

  • The robinson the journey gameplay shows off the different dinosaurs players will interact with, the environment they’ll be able to explore and the different ways they’ll control their character in VR.
  • Stunning visuals, amazing dinosaurs and the potential for some super robinson the journey gameplay are all there!

‘Robinson: The Journey’ Game Key Feature #3

Robinson the journey gameplay focuses on exploration! Apart from amazing environments, there are puzzles to solve. So, this adds a little mystery factor to the playstation vr robinson. Some more facts:

  • In robinson vr game the freedom to explore a huge surroundings in 360 degrees and to interact with their environment in new ways.
  • Though it’s packed with interesting design, but the real attraction is the gorgeous, mysterious world of Tyson III.

‘Robinson: The Journey’ Game Key Feature #4

Robinson: The journey ps4 release is included in one of the 50 titles launching on PSVR on Oct. 13. So, get ready to experience the largest scenes of dinosaurs on Sony’s PlayStation VR. Also, check out:

  • Everything’s controlled with the DualShock 4 gamepad, through your character – a boy named Robin who holds a scanning device in his hand that quite looks like a PlayStation Move controller.
  • The Journey will be out later this year for PS4, PlayStation VR and PC.

So, I hope you are satisfied and I have covered enough that you and your friends can enjoy crytek robinson and experience some mystery, adventure and some mind-blowing visuals. if you are a girl and want some games to play with family, friends and kids. You can try this link.


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