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If this is the first time you heard about Second life and also very excited to get to know more about it, you are at right place. Today we are going to discuss, everything you need to know about second life virtual world game.
This online virtual world game was launched long time back in 2003. But the popularity of the game got pace since last few years. People around the world are now becoming curious and searching for different aspects of game like what is second life game, what is second life virtual reality. And those who already know the game are going one step further, they are exploring more about events happening inside the game like second life market place or Second life Sex. 

There are also the virtual world game lovers, who is waiting for second life version 2.o or beta version to get released.
So Let’s start this Second life discussion from scratch for better understanding.second life 1

what is Second Life Game

Second life is an online virtual world, based in San Francisco and developed by Linden Lab. This virtual worlds for adult game is intended for the people aged over 16. There are different categories in the game , called “Ratings”.

  • General (formerly “PG”—no extreme violence or nudity)
  • Moderate (formerly “Mature”—some violence, swearing, adult situations, some nudity)
  • Adult (may contain overt sexual activity, nudity, and violence)

Second life is not just a game. It’s a different kind of virtual world experience where more than just playing, you socialize with the people, make real life friends and do much more. There are following things you should know about the game.

  • This game is supported by windows, Linux and IOS. You can enjoy second life for windows 10 and 8 (almost all the PC platform)
  • In this MMO game, you create virtual representation of yourself called as avatar who would shop, build and socialize in different activities.
  • Residents can also build their virtual objects inside the game. Second life has also its own currency known as Linden Dollar.

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Second Life Marketplace

Second Life viewer

Second life Market place is the virtual world shopping mall where you can buy almost anything ranging from apparel to complete new avatars to Animals, vehicle s and much more. To buy in Second life market place, you need to use second life currency Linden Dollar.
Here you can also enjoy second life market place freebies or shell out thousands of Linden dollar to buy lavish things.This Marketplace in Second life basically provide you the utmost level of customization of your virtual world.

Second Life Viewer 2 Download

if you have already played the 2003 version of game and enjoyed it, so this is the time to move on with the second life 2. Because in this viewer 2 Beta version, you would find some interesting features. Here are the following things you should know about second life 2.0 beta.

  • In the game you would have better navigation bar that would enable you to save favorites and review your teleport history.
  • Camera and voice controls in the second life 2 is also improved. In this version 2.o, you can move around and teleport in different number of ways.

To Enjoy the Game Now. Follow these Steps…..

Virtual Reality Second Life

The Linden Lab is trying very hard to make second life viewer game more immersive through virtual reality. Their ambitious virtual reality network called Project Sansar might come with complete new version of game that would take you completely new level of virtual reality. Since last few years, there is a big shift from PC to mobiles. So Second Life viewer Game Developers might also launch some mobile app in upcoming future.

Second Life Viewer Game Problems

As I told you, this is not just a game, it’s far more complex than that. So many times we face issues in this virtual world of second life. Below are the following issues that you can face while playing the game.

  • Firestorm viewer download
  • Second life viewer for windows 8
  • Second life download windows 10
  • Phoenix viewer 64 bit download
  • Second life sex

So if you have also encountered one of the following issues mentioned above, You can join the Second life community or you can also go through this frequent question about game , that might help you out in resolving your problem.

To Enjoy Market Place. Follow these Steps…..

Let’s discuss some frequent questions that people ask regarding the game.

Is Second Life for free? 

Firstly let me tell you one thing this is a completely free virtual world game. It will only cost you very few linden dollars to own or rent land or if you want. You can also make something wonderful inside the game and sell it to earn some money as well.
How many people are in Second Life?

Since the launch of game number of residents in the game are gradually increasing. Below is the list of highest number of users logged in the game in a particular moment.

  • In 2008- 38000 Second life avatars
  • In 2009- 62000 Second life avatars
  • In 2010- 54000 Second life avatars

Since then the count is increasing, In 2016 Developers confirmed that the game is having more than one million active users.

How old is Second Life?

The game was officially launched on June 23, 2003. So You might get surprised that you heard it after 13 years. Yes, In 2016, It has completed 13 years.

Is Second Life a video game?

Let me make one thing very clear again, Second life is not just a video game. This is massive Multiplayer online virtual world where you can do the voice call, can socialize with different avatars, have second life sex with people who can also turn into real life sex, make new friends. So, there are immense number of activities you can do inside the game, It’s upto your wish what You want to do…..


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