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virtual reality programming languages: As we know, Virtual reality is growing at a very fast rate. People are anticipating it to be next revolution of 21st century. The Way, money is flowing into this technology is immense, Facebook 2Billion dollar investment in Oculus was a huge push to this 3d virtual reality software technology and virtual reality programming languages.

virtual reality software

Recently other big companies like Google, Microsoft, Samsung has also jumped in to this technology to make their mark. People around the world are talking about 3d virtual system, computer virtual reality and much more. Especially this whole fuss about VR Technology brought Programmer’s attention to this.

Best VR Programming Software

Programmers are looking curious about virtual reality programming languages and 3D VR Software. Because they know very well, because they know very well that this VR Programming Software technology has huge scope in it. We have gone through lot of popular VR software platforms and programming language that people are using to build these 3D VR apps and software, but One stands out of all available 3D Virtual Reality platforms that could help you to make your first virtual reality program is “Vizard”.

Today, In this article, we would discuss everything you need to know about this VR Software and one of the best virtual reality programming languages available in 2017.

Vizard Programming Languages:

Vizard VR Software scripts are written in Python, that is one of the best scripting languages. You would get Python 2.7 by-default installed along with Vizard. If your laptop is having multiple VR Programming language then Vizard will check for default version of python, and allow you to make this 3D VR Programming language default if it is not.

2D|3D Virtual reality programming languages:

This VR Software works with both 2D and 3D formats. In this Accelerated Art Pipeline technology, you would get two different models to make VR Experience more interactive and immersive. Here are the important things you should know about while coding virtual reality in vizard.

  • 3D Studio Max: You can use exporter in this workflow. You would also have access to 15 different maps aligned with 3Ds Max that can easily rendered to vizard.
  • Material Shading: This workflow would allow to insert your own GLSL Shader code to create amazing VR Visual effects.
  • Lighting: You can add real time direction, ambiance and shadows to make the virtual reality Program more immersive.

Vizard Features:

This Virtual reality platform is developed by worldviz company. They have added some advance features in the tools to take VR Programming at completely new level.

  • Physics Engine would enable to create simulation in rigid body dynamics
  • Vizard Extendability option gives C++ developer to extend the VR Software Program functionality.
  • You can also create plug-ins in the VR Program that can align perfectly with Vizard Scripts.

Download Vizard Virtual reality programming languages Free:

There are four different editions of vizard editions are available. See the below picture.
To Start Coding Now. Follow these Steps….

Vizard Virtual Reality Hardware Configuration:

  • Vizconnect feature of this one of the best virtual reality programming languages provides amazing flexibility to virtual reality programmers. Below are the important aspects of vizard hardware configuration
  • It provides you perfect clustering capabilities that enables you to run the same simulation in more than 50 different computers without even changing a single line of code.
  • you can do the configuration with different VR Devices like VR Headsets, Haptics, Hand Controllers, Full Body motion capture, Eyetracking and many more.

Vizard Augmented Reality:

  • The powerful Augmented Reality of this virtual reality programming languages Add-Ons would make virtual reality program more immersive and interactive.
  • ARToolKit plug-in developed by ARToolworks is a professional tool that would add augmented reality features in your VR Programme.
  • By using this AR Plug-in you can take advantage of scene graphs, 3D filer importers, and avatar like features.

Oculus Rift Programming Language

A lot of people are asking questions specifically about oculus rift programming language. It completely depends on the engine that you are using to develop the game. Rift have their own support engine and you can use platform-specific language to use it.

As we all know that Unity uses Javascript or C#. Where incase of Unreal engine, it caters C++ (but also UnrealScript for UDK, which is now being superseded by UE4).

When it comes to C++ , it’s the most widely used language specially in game graphic development. You can also integrate the Oculus’ SDK via C or C++, But it is said by the experts that using the SDK directly probably isn’t the right way for beginners specially. Instead, It’s better to go for existing engines as they solved a lot of the problems you’re going to find.

“You can ask your Vizard Questions in the Comments Below”

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