fitgirl repacks sims 4

There are hundreds of millions of gamers around the world. And when it comes to gaming, there are a lot of new things that people talk about. They talk about hacked version of the games in which they play with the code of the game and make it simpler yet modified.

People are often confused between Reloaded Games and Repack Games. So, let me tell you the difference. Then later on we would jump into the Fitgirl repack and blackbox repack details.

REPACK GAMES: When it comes to repack games, it is basically the pirated version of the game in which the game is compressed and many a times installed in an installer and released in pirated groups. The main purpose of the repack games is to compress the file size while retaining the quality of the game. There are few things that are usually done with the game when it comes to repacking. Sometimes texture of the game is compressed, sounds and videos are reduced in size and multilingual support is removed.

Once it’s done, your repack game is good to go. Generally, Installation of the repacked games takes far less time than the original gaming file.

RELOADED GAMES: Reloaded version of the game is somewhere equal to repacking version of the game, but here in reloaded version people generally add their name as “cracked by so and so”. You would see the tag of their name, whether in the case of repack you won’t.

There are many websites that claim to give you repacks of the game. Here are some of the best ones that you can choose to download the repack games. But these sites are having pirated versions of the game, so be careful before you jump on these website, because you might stumble upon some virus version as well. Below are the top 10 repack gaming websites.

  • Team CorePack
  • Team BlackBox
  • FitGirl
  • Team RG Mechanics
  • Team Xatab
  • Team SEYTER
  • Team Darck Repacks
  • Team Asaya
  • Team Maxagant

But today, we’ll discuss specifically about the one of the most popular repack gaming websites and that is “FITGIRL REPACKS”.


fitgirl repacks sims 4

Fitgirl repacks version has the repack of almost all the game, they have the huge list. We at virtualrealitybaba never support to download these games from these websites as most of them are pirated versions of the game. It’s solely up to you whether you want to download it or not. A lot of people are asking questions about fitgirl repack list. So, here are some of the most downloaded repacked version of the game from the website.

  • Batman: Arkham Knight Fitgirl repacks version Premium Edition – v1.6.2.0 + All DLCs
  • Batman: Arkham Origins Fitgirl repacks version
  • Batman: The Telltale Series Fitgirl repacks versionComplete Season (Episodes 1-5)
  • Crashed Lander Fitgirl repacks version Steam Version
  • Crazy Machines 3 Fitgirl repacks version
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Digital Deluxe Edition + All DLCs
  • Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Fitgirl repacks version v1.4.0.525 GOG
  • Far Cry 4: Gold Edition – v1.10 + All DLCs
  • Full Throttle Remastered
  • Furi
  • Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5 – v1.0.877.1/v1.36 (Ultra Repack 2.1x)
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, v1.03 (build + 12 DLCs Fitgirl repacks version
  • LEGO Worlds Fitgirl repacks version
  • Lemma Fitgirl repacks version
  • MotoGP 15 Fitgirl repacks version
  • MotoGP 17 Fitgirl repacks version

A lot of people asking a lot questions about fitgirls game. Whether it’s a girl of a boy, but according to the sources, there is a huge team working behind this website in repacking game. They claim there is a difference between cracking and repacking games and they only do repacking of the game.

Also they don’t accept any repacking requests from the users, if you want them to do it for you. They won’t. Funny thing about their website is that they don’t have any kind of social media platform, they don’t have any facebook page, Instagram page or twitter account. Even though, they are so popular. They only operate from their website. According to site, The girl behind website use FreeArc for compression and Inno Setup as an installer. Some games require other compressors, but in 99.9% of cases it’s FreeArc.

I think we have discussed almost everything you need to know, If you have any doubt or confusions, let us know in the comments below, we’ll try to respond as soon as possible.


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