How To Fix Any HTC Vive Error

How to fix HTC vive error 125 vive error code fix 108,  vr headset not connected issue

HTC Vive

If you are having a htc vive vr headset and still trying to figure out how to use it then you are completely at right place. Here in this article, we would discuss about all the issue that you are facing about htc vive headset including all the htc vive errrors 108, vive error 125, 208, 308, 307, 306, 202, 109, 10003, 1105, vr headset not connected properly issue, htc driver not installed issue and others.

Before I start, let me tell you that there is no specific solution for your particular htc vive error. There are certain possibilities that you can try out and luckly one out of them might work out for you, as simple as that.

HTC Vive Error:

These annoying popups on your screen may come because of your issue with hardware or software malfunction. so you need to understand very clearly what is the error code that you are seeing on your screen. Below are the most common errors that are seen very frequently with htc vive vr headset users.

  • htc vive error 125 fix
  • htc vive error code 113 fix
  • htc vive error code 208 fix
  • htc vive error code 125 fix
  • htc vive error code 307 fix

How to fix vive error 125:

I have seen many people facing this error, that they are seeing vive error 125 or headset not connected. This problem mainly happens because of the improper connection. Follow below steps to fix vive error 125.

  • Disconnect all the cables including USB, HDMI Cable and then put it back again in a right proper way. There is a possibility that your htc vive error 125 problem would be fixed.
  • If still you are facing the error, So it’s recommended to start from the scratch. Close the Steam VR. Disconnect the AC Adapter from the link box. Connect the link box adapter directly to HMD. Then After the proper connection. Lauch Steam VR, there are 80% percent chance that your vive error 125 problem would go away.

“If you are still facing the issue. Don’t forget to comment below. Our Team would help you out as soon as possible.”

How to fix htc vive error code 108:

This one is the most common error faced by htc vive users, also known as headset not found issue. This error is not as big as it seems. Below are the following options, you can try out to solve the issue.

  • This error is caused by very simple and dumb mistakes. please check the connection of your HTC Vive headset with the box. sometimes, cable is not properly plugged in. Better check this basic step resolves the issue in many cases.
  • As the main link box have four different connecting ports, you should keep in mind that each cable connection is properly done to its corresponding port.
  • After checking the connection, the last fix you can try to fix this error is to restart system once. This restarting is required to run all the application properly. Because sometimes improper steamvr application booting might cause the issue.

How to fix htc vive code 113:

This htc vive error happens because of the improper installation. There are simple setting changes you can try out to get rid of this annoying error.

  • Go to windows explorer and click on the folder you want to edit the permission and then click on the properties option.
  • Then go to security tab and check all the tabs, if your current account is not reflecting there, then add your username. Because this htc vive error can only be solved once you are allowed to access all the features.

How to fix htc vive error 206:

This error is commonly caused by the improper calibration of driver. To get rid of this driver not calibrated you need to reinstall the driver forcefully. And in order to do that, you need to follow below instructions. you can also visit official HTC Vive website.

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  • Unplug the vr headset. Go to steamVR settings option and click Reset.Wait for few minutes till the process gets complete.
  • Then Plugin your vr headset back and wait for it to properly install.
  • If the problem doesn’t resolve in the very first time, better give it one more try. But resetting, again and again, doesn’t resolve this calibration issue, you probably got a faulty htc vive headset. Better try contacting htc company through their official website. Best of luck!

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How to fix HTC Vive Error code 208:

This is the second most common problem faced by htc vive users after error 108.This error is also known as “HMD found over USB” or “Monitor not found”. This problem might cause by the incompatibility of your system configuration with the vr headset.
Better try following issues to resolve the problem.

  • Firstly check you have the latest version of video card drivers that is compatible to your vr headset. If you are not sure about which video card is recommended, please check the catalog given with htc vive vr headset.
  • Again cross check all the cable connection. Please Make sure the orange-tipped cables coming out of vr headset should properly connect to the same colour ports on the link box.

How to fix HTC Vive 1101 or 1112 code error:

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This error may popup when you have issue with your USB drive, that’s why also known as USB Error. These are the following things you can try out to resolve the issue. You can join Reddit Questions Answer thread for more information

  • Remove all the devices plugged in to your PC System including controllers, vr headset, link box or any other device.
  • Then go to SteamVR, click on the Settings option and click Reset and then click Yes on the removal of all Steam VR USB devices and then Exit from the SteamVR.
  • plugin your vr headset with different USB port and wait till the driver is properly installed.
  • Then Restart your SteamVR. If this is not resolving your problem, better contact valve support team mentioning the actual error quote.

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How to Fix HTC Vive No Sound Or Mono Sound issue:

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These kinds of issues are quite rare, but still you are one of them who are falling as a victim for this error. Below are the following things you can try.

  • Open SteamVR then Go to Setting.
  • Select Audio from options. From the first option Set Playback device to select your TV’s audio from the available options. If you want the audio to come from both the TV and your HTC Vive earbuds, you need to set mirroring device as well.

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