We all are huge fans of watching movies online. But with the busy schedule we have where work forms the primary concern of our day, we need to be sure that the time we spend watching a movie should be worthwhile. What if it turns out to be a total waste of time? You would not be able to scrape out a total of 120 or at least 90 minutes again almost immediately for watching another piece of art.

Therefore, in order to get to know whether this movie you are willing to watch because of flashy headlines or catchy phrases, is it even the right piece of entertainment for you or not? That is when the application comes into the picture of providing you with the correct information regarding the movie. This APK file can be easily downloaded into your mobile phones or tablets and it would not stress on the movies you should not watch  by confusing you with pop ups with fancy openings that often mislead you.

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Let us take a deeper look at the specifications the application has to offer to have a better understanding of it.


Application Specifications

  • Name: Flixtor.to APK
  • Version: v2.0
  • Size: 12 M
  • Developer: Flixtor
  • Cost: Free
  • Requirement: Android version 4.4 or more
  • Name of the package: com.yoga.flixtor
  • Content Rating: 12 and more
  • Installations: 1,000 and more
  • Genre: Entertainment
  • Permissions: WiFi and Network
  • Ages: suitable for various age groups
  • Availability: on Playstore
  • Function: Movie management
  • Usability: Stream or download

What does the application really do?

On Prima Facie the application does not believe in fooling you by recommending something to watch that does not have any purpose in your life and something that might just be a mood spoiler for you. Instead the application provides you with all the information about the movies that are there in any corner of your mind. The application helps you have a better knowledge about the movie or season you are planning on watching even without you seeing a sample. You do not have to engross yourself in the story line to figure out whether it is a good choice or not. But you can just go through the data available and find out for yourself so that you know whether you really need to spend your precious time on the piece or not.


The application is fully supported in an Android device. Just think of the movie that you want to watch on your movie night and before clicking on the start button, pause for a little bit. It is the time for you to bring the application into the picture. Just type out the name in the application’s search bar and let it do its job. Within seconds you would have all the information about the movie, when it was released, whether it is a thriller or romance, to which movie era it belongs to. Not just that, you would also know the actors cast into the film, on what budget the movie was made, etc. You can even view the trailer. You would be listed down with expert reviews over the years so that you can comprehend the movie reactions better.

It is basically like a search engine for your entertainment window where the content you are looking for is already categorized on the basis of release date, language, genre, etc. It has been designed so that you as an individual do not have to go and search webpages to get to know about the intricacies of the piece of art that you have an earnest desire to watch. The application can be used by age groups of various demographics.

You have the option to download the piece of video that you want to watch or even stream it live then and there. Just tap on the thumbnail and wait for a few moments and the video will start streaming. Other than that once you start using the application more frequently, you would get recommendations on it based on your search results that suit your taste. You would soon notice your bucket ready with the content you would have watched in the past as well as the content you are likely to watch. You can even prepare your wishlist in advance if you don’t want to waste time.

Saves Money and Time

Do you realise how much of your hard earned money is spent on the various platforms to binge watch a few movies and seasons. Instead the application does a favour by providing the  movies and seasons for free. Yeah! There are movies and series you can watch without subscribing to any of the platforms but instead just downloading one application on our mobile or tablets. You can just search that particular movie in the application and read up a little bit. Within no time you would be aware of the genre, characters, storyline and the tone it would set you in after watching it. If you know all these things in advance you can simply make an informed decision about your choice.


The application is absolutely free of cost for you to just search across the internet and see it for yourself. The application is easy to download and install just like any other application. Once you do it, you can start using it for the better and you can actually save a lot of your time. There is no need for you to spend hours only to fetch that the movie or series you watched would not suit your taste or the genre you kind of prefer.

The application would require a good internet connection and a suitable network for you to carry on with playing your movie or series online. In this tech savvy generation, where there are huge search options available to choose anything and everything from, it becomes highly important on how you customize your search so as to minimize the trash coming your way and digging in on the little window you have in your break time for entertainment.

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