God of War Errors Fixed | ce-32930-7, ce-34878-0, ce-30005-8, 1.33 error

This adventure filled game has garnered attention from across the world. God of Wars has come up with a range of series and has made sure to keep the level of excitement among the players high always. But, there are some errors that the gamers get to experience while they are all in a joyous mood to play. This is an annoying aspect but not anymore. Here, we’ll talk about the most common errors faced as far as God of Wars is concerned and how to best fix them.

God of War Errors Fixed | ce-32930-7, ce-34878-0, ce-30005-8, 1.33 error

God of war error ce-32930-7

This is one of the most common errors that is likely to show up when the game is launched. Error ce-32930-7 indicates that the content or the downloaded data has gotten corrupted somehow. There’s nothing much to worry about this because this error has got a quick fix as well. All that you have to do is delete the game and download it again. On doing so, the error should go away.

God of war error ce-34878-0

This is yet another common error that most of the users face while playing any game. This error indicates that the game that you are currently playing has crashed. To fix this, follow the below steps. One of them should be able to resolve your issue.

  1. The first method to try would be to restart the game.
  2. After the first step, if the problem doesn’t go away, check for any updates available for both the system software as well as God of war game. For this, go the home screen of PlayStation. Highlight ‘God of War’ and select the ‘Options’ button. Now, click on ‘Check for update’. If there are any updates available, let them be installed. This completes the update of the game. For the system software to be updated, go to the top of the PlayStation home screen and select ‘System Software Update’. Allow the system updates to install (if any). End this step by rebooting your PlayStation.
  3. Another method to try includes re-installing the original HDD. Following this, back up the saved data. For this, go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Initialization’. Lastly, click on ‘initialize PS4’.
  4. Some users have dealt with this error by disabling the face recognition. For this, go to ‘Settings’, select ‘user’ and then ‘Login settings’. Finally, uncheck the option of ‘enable face recognition’.

God of war error ce-30005-8

This is an error that possibly is an outcome of hardware failures. Try the below mentioned solutions one after the other. One out of these could help.

  1. Delete all the data of God of War that’s present on hard drive. 
  2. If there are a lot of bad sectors then go for a new PS4 hard drive 
  3. Rebuild your PS4 database.

God of war install error

Some users have dealt with the install error in this way – Go to settings > Users and accounts > other > console and offline sharing and DISABLE this > turn off the console and turn on again > download the game again.

God of war update 1.33 error

This error occurs when there isn’t much storage space. To fix this, the obvious solution would be to clear all unnecessary files.

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