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god of war in virtual reality

God Of War in Virtual Reality

A PlayStation 3 virtual reality demo for God of War was the turning point for Shuhei Yoshida, PlayStation’s President of Worldwide Studios. After seeing developer Santa Monica Studios’ custom-made, first-person Kratos demo, Yoshida was convinced VR was the future.

During a Paris Games Week panel about virtual reality, Yoshida explained the moment he believed VR could work. “It was actually on PS3 at Santa Monica Studios,” Yoshida said. “A developer who’d been working on God of War got me to try a handmade headset and when I put it on he used a God of War game. I was Kratos in first person view. When I looked down, I saw a strong man’s body and I thought: I’m sold”

Yoshida added, “Working on PlayStation VR, I feel like I’m back 20 years ago. I feel like I’m younger again.”

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