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Google Virtual Reality

Google Virtual Reality

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Since the dawn of the virtual reality, Google has always tried best to make its mark. It has spent millions of dollars in the research of virtual reality and augmented reality. Google Cardboard is something that is in reach to the common people just because of google. Let’s check more on Google Virtual Reality. Daydream is Google’s Android-powered VR platform and google virtual reality.

Following months in the speculation, Google is diving deeper in virtual reality. Today at its I/O keynote, the company has announced Daydream, a VR platform built on top of Android N. Google says that Daydream-ready phones, as well as VR viewers and motion controllers, will be available in this fall.

Daydream — which includes both hardware and software — is a more advanced successor of Cardboard, the disposable headset standard that Google has released two years ago. It is a mobile VR system powered by next wave of Android N devices, built to the company approved standard. Where Google Cardboard worked with almost with any smartphone, Daydream will only work on new phones with specific features like special sensors and screens. There’s no sign of something like Project Tango’s spatial mapping or augmented reality options, but the components are supposed to offer a smoother, lower-latency experience than you could get by simply adding VR as a software update. Check Below For more crazy updates.


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