iPhone XS Max

All of us have faced situations wherein we plan to buy a new phone in exchange of the old one, give away the old phone to a friend or a relative or even sell off the phone that might not be of much use in the days ahead. This is when clearing the phone of all data comes into play. Be it photos, documents or applications, we make sure to clear them all. Another such area that shouldn’t be neglected is deleting accounts from your phone including Gmail. Even if you plan to switch to a newer account, this step is critical. 

If you want to delete your Gmail account from iPhone XS Max, then you need not worry at all. The process is quite simple and all that you have to do is just follow the steps mentioned below.

iPhone XS Max

1- The first step is to look for the icon of Settings in your iPhone XS Max. The icon is similar to that of a gear wheel. Click on it to open.

2- On opening this, you’ll be able to see a list of options like Privacy, contacts, calendar, etc. Depending on the version of your iPhone XS Max, you’ll be able to see either an option of “Mail” or “Passwords and accounts”. Press it (either ‘mail’ or ‘passwords and accounts’, whichever is supported by your phone).

3- Doing so, an ‘accounts’ section will open up. Here, you can see the details of all the accounts that are configured on your Apple iPhone XS Max. Now, you must have linked several accounts which could be Yahoo, Google or any other account for that matter.

4- Now, out of all the accounts mentioned, click on Gmail (considering this is the account that you want to delete). 

5- Doing so, a list of services that are synchronized on your iPhone XS Max pops up. Though disabling these options doesn’t yield any fruitful result if the aim is to delete the entire account. However, you can choose to disable certain services while still using your Gmail account. For example, if you disable the ‘mail’ services, you’ll not receive any mails from Google in future.

6- But, now since the aim is to delete the entire account, you’ll find this option below the list of synchronized services. Click on that and your account gets deleted.

7- However, there’s a point worth noting here. Deleting your Gmail account from your Apple iPhone XS Max will not erase your data as it happens in the case of android phones. So, if your aim is to delete the account and also erase all the data associated, you need to go for the option of “factory reset.”

Also, if you want to create a fresh account in the same phone (in case you aren’t planning to give this phone to someone else), then you can do so by clicking on ‘add account’ option that you’ll find in either the ‘mail’ section or the ‘passwords and accounts’ section of your phone. 


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