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How To Download Videos From Youtube in 5 Minutes: If you are on this page, This is for sure that you always wanted to download videos from Youtube, You might be trying to download videos on your android mobile or iphone. If this is not the case you might be trying to download video on your laptop or pc.

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It’s really fascinating to see that every month around 1million people search for how to download youtube video, how to download youtube videos for free or how to save videos from youtube. These are the following searches that people are making on the internet.

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If you also searched one of these queries on the internet. Then Don’t worry, I am going to help you out. After Reading This Article You would be able to “Download Youtube video anywhere from Any device”

I have been watching Youtube since last five years. Since the start, I always wanted to download the youtube videos. At Starting I tried downloading many apps but that didn’t work.  But Gradually I bumped into some good sources and I solved this youtube puzzle. Now I can download Youtube Videos anywhere in any device.

Today, We are going to discuss the following aspects that would help you to Download Video from any device.

  • How To Download Youtube Videos in Mobile
  1. How To Download youtube Videos in Android
  2. How To Download Youtube Videos in Iphone
  • How To Download Youtube Videos in Laptop/PC


How To Download Youtube Videos in Mobile

Downloading Youtube Videos on mobile has always been in the craze. People might be interested in how to download videos in mobile directly or without any software. So today we are going to discuss all the possible ways through which you can actually enjoy videos in your android or iphone mobile directly. Firstly Let’s talk about youtube videos for Android then we would go for Iphone.

1-How To Download Youtube Videos in Android

Now, There are many options available to download youtube videos in your mobile. These Options I have personally tried and always worked for me.

  • TubeMate For Android: This is the most amazing app I ever encountered to download youtube videos. But On  the contrary You won’t find this app on Google App. There are many fake apps are available with the same name. To Download this app simply follow these steps… → Android Freeware → Download → Install.

*** While Installing you have to change to change settings of your mobile. To Enable Download from Unknown Sources. You might get warning but you don’t need to worry. Enable Installation Process and Start Enjoying Youtube Videos on your mobile instantly.

  • Offline Video: Recently Youtube has launched its offline mode of saving videos that you can save it offline just by clicking offline button. You see this ⇓ button below the video. Click there and video would start downloading. And you can watch it later on going Offline Videos option in Google App.

There are also other options available like vidmate and modifying the URL. But I believe these two would work best for you. Try these options if they don’t work for you, let us know in the Comment Box. We’ll help you out.


2-How To Download Youtube Videos in Iphone

When It comes to downloading youtube videos in your iphone mobile. There are two options, I consider the best ones. Check these options.

  • you can open  website and paste any youtube URL on this site. And Start Downloading. you can get an idea by below pic.
  • Youtube Red Subscription: It’s a monthly subscription service from YouTube that removes ads from all the videos. YouTube Red has other benefits that affect how you watch videos: offline viewing and listening to videos with the screen off. These two features are available on Android and iOS.

How To Download Videos From Youtube / Download online videos to computer 

How To Download Youtube Videos in Laptop/PC

Follow these Steps…..

Now, I believe your youtube puzzle for Mobile has been solved. Now Let’s talk about downloading videos in laptop and pc. There are many different options available to download videos, either using a direct browser plug-in or simply you can paste the URL of the video into main downloading source website. You can also go by third method that is to type vd, dl or dlv in front of YouTube in the address like… This will take you straight to the website where you decide what quality video you want and then Start Downloading.

These are the following ways that you can opt for downloading youtube videos.
  • Keepvid: First go to youtube, Play the video that you want to download. Then Copy the URL and paste on the keepvid website. Here You can download the youtube video in 720p and 1080p easily. In below pic, I am downloading Tomorrowland video in 720p.


  • This site also works same as keepvid. Simply play the video and copy the URL and paste it on the website. There you can choose the video quality. You can also download only mp3 version of video. In the below pic, I have shown you how to Tommorowland video download from this site.
  • Youtubebyclick: Sometimes you need to pay for software for its premium version. YouTube ByClick makes it very-very easy to download video and audio from youtube. You have to copy the URL of a video and a pop-up will ask if you want to download the audio or video. Paste the URL and you are done.

“This is all I know about Downloading youtube videos. If you know something that can add some value. You are very welcome to Comment Below. You can also ask your questions, we would try to help you out.”

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