How To Find Who Logged Into Your Computer And When

Have you ever witnessed something strange on your Windows computer and you have a doubt that someone used it in your absence? There can be a stronger chance that if your sibling or a room partner who have seen your personal photos or videos.

If you are a smart person who always set a password on his/her computer or have an installed something like Prey on it that stays ahead of time, but still you might be in a situation where you find out that someone has already used it without your consent. Checking the built-in of the computer is the perfect method to check that after the fact. However, it will not give you as much information as a Prey would, but still, you will be able to find your suspicions regarding someone illegally used your machine.

In this article, we will tell you about how you do it on the Windows computer:

The users of the Windows just required to find the program known as Event Viewer in their laptop. This program logs almost all the things that your computer has done recently. In order to find out the last activity you have to follow certain steps:

  1. First of all, you have to click the start menu on the bottom left side of your computer screen and type Event Viewer in the search box. When this option comes up on the menu, you have to hit the enter.
  2. After that, you have to double click on the Windows logs that can be seen in the left sidebar. Now, click on the system option.
  3. In this step, you have to right click on the system and then select the Filter Current Log option.
  4. A window will pop up and you have to look for the Event Sources that drops down. From this drop down, you have to select the Power-Troubleshooter and then press the OK button.
  5. At last, you have to see at the middle pane in the window of Event Viewer. You can see all the applicable recent events at the top of the list in the descending order as per time. After that, you have to find the time when you think that your computer was used and look for any suspicious events. If you find one, select on it for watching further details on the bottom of the middle pane.

You have to take the idea of the time when the third person has used your computer. However, if it was recent, then it will extremely easy to look it in the logs. You have to look at the recent documents, browser history, and other similar locations if you have found that the computer is used during the time you were outside. Finally, you should have to install an anti-theft software that can catch the third person in the act.

We completely agree with the fact that this method is not a perfect way to catch the suspicious people. But still, it is much better than the other options because it can work if you haven’t installed any anti-theft program on your computer. Please share any other tips for finding out any suspicious activity on your computer during your absence.

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