As we all are very familiar with you tube & these days it is one of the popular applications or websites to watch videos uploaded on it. It is one of the video websites and it is headquartered in San brunos. YouTube song finder is used if you have watched any video on you tube and you liked it but sometimes it happens that you are not able to recognize the title of the song. Sometimes you watch any video but you love the audio track added in video & you want that audio but you have no details regarding it then YouTube song finder helps you out. With YouTube song finder you have many more options to get that audio song which is used in that you tube video. These methods are as follows:-


Audio Swap Library

Few videos have the audio back ground which is from the swap library of you tube audios. Click on the button Video Statistics. With this audio track can be determined easily. When you are on the current you tube page click on the video statistics button with this all the details of the current sound can be found.

Identification service

Few apps have this feature to identify you tube video song and out of those one app is Shazam for mobile phones and another one is Midoni for desktop; with these applications, the details of the song can be found very easily. With the music identification services, we can find the name of the song. There are other applications too which help you recognize or find that song.


Twitter helps out in searching the song you are trying to find. The twitter search option is the best option to find the foreign music. Firstly copy you tube video id and then paste it in the twitter search option and all the tweets related to the video will be visible to you. It is best to use the twitter id instead of URL address because different URL may be used in different tweets but the video account will be the same.


If you got the lyrics than transcribe it in Google search and many results will appear to you and choose the best option according to your requirement. Even if you are not having the idea search some of the lines of song you heard on you tube & Google will provide you best possible outcome.


Much information regarding the video can be attained from comments. If it’s a popular video many other people may be present in the queue to find the name of the video. Here is one method to view the comments or search some related words in that comment section as that searching gives some idea. Firstly click on all comments link and then sort order by a thread and then use the browser’s find box.

Carefully checking of video

Sometimes only a careful check is enough to find the song used in you tube video, as most of the times the uploader mentions the audio used in the video in description section itself. What you need to do in this case is, just open up the video and check the description of the video in description or details section.

As many applications are available for search options, many websites also help you in this procedure but they provide you their services only after your registration on their sites. Open this above-mentioned website on your browser. Create an account by registering on this website. Now just copy the URL & paste it in given field & you will get it.

Ask your friend

One another most simple method is to ask your friends to identify that song. It seems simple but most of the time it works for you & benefits you.

Extraction of song from video

If you have some technical knowledge regarding software, you can download the particular video & song can be extracted from it with the help of your technical skills.

If you have sarahah app and want to know the sender’s details, Click here to know more.

These above-mentioned tips & tricks can help you out in finding out the song used in the YouTube video. YouTube song finder allows you to search different audio & video songs which are uploaded on you tube. You can find videos from YouTube song finder & you can find the song with its first or second line or with the word of your choice from the background song on YouTube song finder again.



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