iPhone 12 pro max Errors Fix | error 14, activation error, sigterm & flutter

iPhone 12 pro max error 14

This is an error that the user might face while either upgrading or restoring. The best way to deal with this is to update your device. Also, ensure that there is a considerable amount of space left in your phone. If all of this doesn’t help, consult an expert.

iPhone 12 pro max camera error

iPhone is known for its camera quality. Who would want to face issues here? No one, right? But when this camera error pops up, it does annoy everyone. Here’s what you can do to deal with this. 

  • Restart your phone.
  • Sometimes, resetting all the settings helps.
  • Update the system software and all the applications
  • Check if there’s anything that’s blocking the camera. If yes, then remove it.

iPhone 12 pro max activation error

This error indicates that your device can’t be configured for proper usage. If looking for ways to fix this, use the following methods and your issue should be resolved.

  • One of the most widely used techniques and also the one that has worked for many is force restarting your phone.
  • Sometimes, poor network can also be the reason for this error. Ensure that the internet connectivity is strong.
  • Update your iTunes.

iPhone 12 pro max imessage activation error

This is an error normally faced when you try to activate iMessage or FaceTime. Ways to deal with this are – 

  • Ensure proper device settings. For this, go to settings, click on general followed by date and time. Now, ensure that the time zone is set correctly.
  • Turn off and restart iMessage.
  • The issue should mostly be resolved using the above techniques. But, if that’s not the case, try updating your device. Even after this, your issue isn’t resolved, contact tech support.

iPhone 12 pro max no sim error

To resolve this error, start by updating your iPhone and then restart your phone. Also, ensure that if there is any update available, get it installed. Some users have found the method of removing the sim card and then inserting it back helpful. If the issue still persists despite trying all these methods, then try replacing the sim card.

iPhone 12 pro max no service error

This is not an issue to be bothered about. Try the following. At least one method would work for you.

  1. Reboot your phone
  2. Enable and then disable the airplane mode
  3. Check whether the sim card is properly inserted
  4. Update your system
  5. Manually select the network

Voicemail error iPhone 12 pro max

To fix this, check if there is any update available, you could try resetting the voicemail password, restart your phone, reset the network settings, disable the Wi-Fi, reset the time zone. Using these methods, at least one should be able to resolve your issue.

Error running pod install error launching application on iPhone 12 pro max. exited (sigterm)

This is better handled by an expert.

Error running pod install error launching application on iPhone 12 pro max. flutter

So far, the user hasn’t been able to fix this on his / her own. Contact Apple’s tech support and they’ll help you with this.

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