life is beautiful 2

Life is an equivalence of ocean of experiences with its own scintillating charisma. Sometimes like waves of an ocean, or a current of river and other times a standing lake. Since our birth and till the time we die, every moment we live is worth being in and feeling and experiencing as it has a lot to teach, to grow, to change, to feel alive, to judge, to test and most importantly to know, not only you yourself but also your environment and surrounding of which you are an incredible part.

Assuming life to be a game or puzzle or an examination where nobody is a pro in the beginning with a different set of task/questions for everyone, we need to understand the rules, our responsibilities and gaining knowledge through out our life as the rules are ever-changing in this game. Some stages are easier for us which may be difficult for others, some parts favoring us while others against us, some phases are of our interest while others might totally disinterest us, sometimes we get lucky while at other occasions our enormous efforts fail as well . But most importantly we need to participate in it with our whole heart to know, to learn, to adapt, to grow, to live and to experience. It is all in the learning and experiences that we gain living, playing, solving this complicated examination/ game/ puzzle of life.

We would have never known white if there was no black, no summer if there was no winter, no spring if there was no autumn, no success if there was no failure. As much as these things are contrary to each other they too are complimentary. They help us understand the value of each other. It is the lows which helps us to value the highs in our lives. It is the hard times and efforts that we put in that helps us to value the dream we have longed for and the results we always wanted. These things help to keep ourselves grounded when we flourish because nothing is permanent and it’s a never-ending game.

Quoting Marcel Proust, ’ The inertia of the mind urges it to slide down the easy slope of imagination, rather than to climb the steep slope of introspection.’ But as per Einstein “Nothing happens until something moves.” And that too with force, acceleration and twists and turns in case of our lives. It shall almost make us feel dead if we don’t have changes in life, different situations to handle and live, problems to solve. That is what makes us better, opens our mind, our creativity, our skills, enhances and develops us in all dimensions. Most importantly we can feel that we finished another chapter or another phase, with the goal being always learning and enjoyment rather than success. Success in whatever you undertake might be the awards of your life but these things are the rewards that you can earn for yourself throughout your life and are much more important.

life is beautiful 2

In all struggle we gain strength, in all monotony and deprival we learn patience and satisfaction, in all sadness we gain hope, in all bad behavior we receive from others we learn what not to be. Thus, each and everything we experience is important so the only thing we need to do it is to enjoy, be motivated and go with the flow. The things we gain throughout our lives are countless, most important of all of them being love especially from our parents followed by the presence of people we love in various situations, gratitude, helpfulness, kindness, appreciation, satisfaction, goodness etc.

As I already said everyone’s life is different so never compare as it is an examination but not a competition. Our destinations are different, our goals are different and so is our journey but do keep in mind that we all must have been enriched in some situation at least once in our lives may be by imbibing the above qualities in us and portraying them or by experiencing them. Cherish those things if ever you had them at any point in your life and be thankful and feel appreciated. And above all, be happy and kind and humble to yourself and others in every situation, keep on progressing with faith and honesty towards life and you will surely realize how amazingly beautiful life is, was and can get.

P.S. : ‘Safar khubsoorat hai manzil se bhi…’ meaning that the journey is more beautiful than destination and that journey is our life.

:By Vaishali


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