I still can’t believe that I am writing this article…I was just going through the internet and saw a little girl video holding some blueish gelly so-called “slime” and that video was having 10 million views. I was like Ohh my gosh, what this stuff is that so many people are talking about.

how to make slime

Then I did a bit research and found this slime thing is a really interesting thing to play with. So Today In this article I would be covering all different ways of making slime without using glue or borax.

1- Slime without borax or glue

o make slime wiwithout using borax and glue

  • Ingredients: 2Spoon Sugar, Colgate toothpaste, set-wet hair gel
  • How to make Slime 1: This Slime is very easy to make. Firstly take a bowl, put some toothpaste, hair gel, sugar, and water and keep on mixing them till you find a non-sticky jelly kind of stuff. You have to stir it properly until you get a smooth consistent structure. It’s up to you what kind of texture, you would like to prefer for your slime. You can vary the amount of sugar, gel and toothpaste and texture of slime would change accordingly.

2- Slime without borax and glue

how to make slime without glue and borax

    • Ingredients: 1spoon Salt, Shampoo, 2spoon flour, color, hair gel
    • How to make Slime 2: This is my second best slime prepared without borax and glue. Firstly dissolve one spoon of salt in 10ml water. Then add some flour and keep on mixing them properly till you get sticky substance and add some color depending on your preference so that color is mixed evenly. At last add hair gel to bring it to the slime texture and then you can start your Slime play.

    3- Slime without borax and glue

    slime 3

    • Ingredients: Johnson baby powder, shampoo, color
    • How to make slime 3: This one is my personal favorite and easiest one as well. Mix some powder in the bowl with water properly. Then add few drops of your preferable color and stir properly. Then Add shampoo at last and keep on mixing till you find the consistent smooth texture. Once your slime is ready, you can start playing with it.


    Imp Notice:  You can let us know in the comments below if you have any questions, I would try to help you out. If you know some new trick of making slime, Please don’t forget to share in comments, Our readers will love it.


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