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HP-12C is no less than a saviour for all those working in or dealing with the field of finance in one way or the other. But, the fact that it is pricey cannot be overlooked. Then what could be the alternative here? MathU 12D Financial Calculator to your rescue it is. What is even more surprising is that it has some features that outwit HP-12C. All this makes you want to know more about it in depth, right? So, keep reading to know everything about what this financial calculator app is all about.

MathU 12D

MathU 12D Financial Calculator

App developer / Manufacturer 

Creative Creek, LLC

Operating system


Compatibility – iPhone / iPad / iPod touch / Mac

Requires iOS 9.3 or later / iPadOS 9.3 or later / iOS 9.3 or later macOS 11 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip respectively.




15 MB





Current version

Version 2.2.2

  • Manufacturer

MathU 12D Financial Calculator is developed by Creative Creek, LLC. This LLC has been into making calculators for mobile devices for over 20 years now.

  • Functionality

This app uses the same Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) entry system as that of the HP-12C calculator. It is one such application that turns your device into the one that’s similar to HP-12C and in some ways even better than it.

  • General features about MathU 12D Financial Calculator

Talking about this deluxe app, it has the following features (general)

  • The calculator interface of this app matches the layout of the HP-12C to a great extent.
  • There are up to 99 program steps here
  • This app allows split-screen feature and hence multitasking is possible
  • You get a 16 digit display with SCI, FIX, and ENG formats. One or two line stack display is there too.
  • Some additional features include IEEE Double precision accuracy (about 16 digits), Exponents from -308 to 308, 38 key keyboard (3 functions per key), among others.
  • MathU 12D Financial Calculator makes the entire process all the more easy and convenient as it has status indicators for shift state, compounding mode, and financial annuity mode.
  • The user is given preferences to set the number of digits, display format, date format, etc. thus throwing light on how flexible the app is.

Memory features

Talking about memory, you’ll find the following in this MathU 12D Financial Calculator

    • Five exclusively dedicated financial register
    • 4 element stack
    • About 20 global registers that you can directly access via the keyboard
    • In addition to these, there are a range of stack and register functions such as clear reg, clear fin, clx, x<>y, LST X, etc.

Financial functions

Since this app is very much similar to the HP-12C calculator, you can already imagine how many financial functions does this support. There is a vast function list in this aspect. Out of the many functions that it supports, some of the key financial functions are – 

  • n which stands for the number of periods
  • one can find out the present value and future value of money (PV and FV)
  • i, which is the percent interest per period
  • You can find out the net present value of any project / cash flow (NPV) and also the internal rate of return (IRR) 
  • MathU 12D Financial Calculator allows you to find the bond price as well as the yield of the bond.
  • PMT (payment per period)
  • All the cashflow entries are possible here.
  • If worried about whether this application will be able to produce an amortization table or not, then sit back and relax for you you’ll find that here.
  • This app allows the financial registers to be cleared.
  • You can also select between the annuity due at the beginning of the period or payments due at the end of the period
  • Find the depreciation using several methods like Straight line (SL), Sum-Of-the-Years-Digits (SOYD), Declining balance (DB)

Other functions

Though financial calculators rely more on financial functions, but there are other functions too that come in handy. Some functions supported by MathU 12D Financial Calculator are statistics functions (regression, factorial and Gamma function, weighted mean, etc.), date functions and programming functions as well (run, stop, pause, etc.).

  • What makes MathU 12D Financial Calculator better than HP-12C?

1) Visible Financial Registers: What can get better than the value of the financial registers being displayed above the associated buttons? This is exactly what you get using this financial calculator app. With this, you can now quickly verify whether the loan parameters are correct or not.

2) Computation Speed: The speed with which MathU 12D produces results will leave you astonished beyond words. Even complicated calculations such as that of determining the interest rate, IRR or NPV are computed in the least possible time.

3) Two line display: This application allows the user to choose a two line display so that the x and y register values are always visible. Well, not just that. You can also see the results immediately and verify input values.

4) Visible Programming: The app takes user comfort to a different level altogether. Here, the program lines are displayed using the function name instead of the key pad location. This in turn makes reading and writing MathU 12D programs a lot easier.

5) Registers: There are 20 registers in this financial calculator app that are not shared with the program space. This allows you to create up to 99 line programs without having to deal with any storage issues.


  • The two line display feature is worth a mention
  • The always available financial registers make the work easy
  • The results are very quick.
  • The app supports a lot of functions, be it financial, statistical, programming or date functions.


  • Sometimes, the app might freeze (this is very rare)
  • The graphics can be better.


MathU 12D Financial Calculator is an excellent app that does its job just the right way. No matter how complex the problem is, this calculator will work to provide you with the necessary result. It is very much similar to HP-12C and its interface, functionality, etc. is similar too. This is surely going to makes things easy for you.

Frequently asked questions

What is the latest version all about?
The latest version has worked on fixing bugs, provides improved built-in documentation as well as an improved support for Dark Mode. It also adds support for iOS multitasking, split screen.

Does the app come with a tutorial or guide to know how it works?
Yes, it does come with a built-in reference guide that’ll make you aware of how the app works.

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